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Visit Breathtaking Waterfalls with Switzerland Holidays

Extending across the northern and southern part of the Alps, Switzerland is situated in Western Europe. The country shares its borders with France, Germany, Austria and Italy. It is famous for its picture-perfect setting that features the magnificent Swiss Alps, lush valleys and serene lakes. The southern part of the country has some of the best waterfalls amid the rugged mountain range that are often visited by tourists during the Switzerland holidays. Here is a list of some of such waterfalls that are jewels of this country.

Trümmelbach Falls


Roaring, gurgling, loud thundering with churning and foaming water are some of the adjectives that best describe Trümmelbach Falls. It is one of the largest subterranean waterfalls in Europe, located in the valley of 72 waterfalls – Lauterbrunnen Valley. To reach this glacial waterfall, travellers have to go through underground lifts, tunnels, pathways and galleries. The main source of this fall is water melting from the glaciers Monch, Jungfrau and Eiger. It is said that around 20000 litres of water is melt in just one second. The entire valley echoes the sound of gushing water, boulders and scree when water melts at the glaciers. Travellers can easily hike along vertical rock formations with water flowing past them in a rushing pace. The illuminated underground parts provide the most striking sights with imposing rock formations that are around 100 metres high.

Staubbach Falls

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

The Switzerland holiday packages is incomplete without a trip to Staubbach Falls, which is regarded as one of the highest free-falling falls in the world. A mist of spray is the perfect way to illustrate the legacy of these falls. Located at Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Bernese Oberland, this waterfall is around 300 metre tall, and it drops straight from the cliffs into the Lütschine River. In springs, when the winds swirl the waters around the mountain, the falls spread the spray in every direction. This is the reason it is often called Staub, which literally means dust in German. Owing to its incredible height, this fall presents a spellbinding sight as the water gushes down in the form of liquid dust.

Reichenbach Falls


Located in the south of Meiringen, the Rosenlaui Glacier is the source of two beautiful natural attractions – Glacier Gorge Rosenlaui and Reichenbach Falls. The melting waters of the glacier flows with a thundering sound through the ravine, which is enclosed by an 80-metre high rock faces. It has been immortalised by many painters, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – the writer of fictional series Sherlock Holmes – also mentioned it in his book. With a drop of approximately 250 metres, these falls present a vision of white powder falling from the sky.

Travellers are suggested to explore these picturesque spots during their Switzerland tours.


An Adventure at Château de Chillon

Switzerland is a beautiful European country with many scenic locations. It is surrounded by land from all sides and offers some of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe. The country is a major tourist destination, replete with central plateaus, plains and large lakes. Switzerland holidays are a popular way of touring among globetrotters worldwide. Majestic mountains like Alps and Jura adds to its beauty. This place offers peaceful locations and a host of popular monuments, which carry a specific cultural prominence with them. The architectural grandeur of Swiss structures is a delight to watch. Every visitor gets to experience the rich culture of this country, which has four official languages.

Château de Chillon

Château de Chillon
Château de Chillon


Heritage of Switzerland is rich with an array of historic structures, which showcases exquisite architectural beauty. Among noted examples of Swiss monuments, Château de Chillon or chillon castle is prominent. It is a beautiful island castle, positioned at the shore of Lake Geneva, near Montreux. Around 100 independent structures have together formed this edifice over a period of time at the foot of Alps. The monument, whose beginning dates back to over 1000 years is known to have inspired a lot of artists including writers and painters. This place have been an important location since Bronze age and have gone through a number of constructions and renovations.


The edifice was once owned by the Counts of Savoy and Pietro II. History of the castle is revealed by each room and part and let the visitors understand the traditions and life styles of those who lived in it. The underground area reminds of Gothic cathedrals while Courtyards seem to be the busiest spot. The four Great Halls provided for the palatable Savoy banquets. Large windows of these halls offer gleaming view of Lake Geneva.

Bernese Chamber
Bernese Chamber

Bernese Chamber is a beautifully decorated bedroom with all luxurious amenities in it. Camera Domini and Peter II room are dedicated parts for Duke of Savoy and Peter II, respectively.

The destination offers a host of amenities and services like boating, resting and picnic area, and snacks bar. Little beach of the castle is also available sometimes to fulfil banqueting requirements. Visitors can also relish the wine made from the grapes grown at the location or can shop from books and toys available at the boutique. The palace also carries out several exhibitions and theatrical events within the castle to amuse travelers. The audio/visual presentation is a special feature of the place that let the people have a glimpse of the historical times.

Tourists can visit the place on their own or they can avail the group tour along with a guide to make the visit more enjoyable. The magnificent courtyards and garden areas provide an ideal location for organizing events, seminars, luncheons, cocktail parties and functions. Children can have a delightful experience with the host of services provided especially for them. Kids are taken on a discovery stroll and offered theme based birthday parties. Drako Club and holiday workshop offer several fun filled activities for young ones. Europe holidays are one of the best ways to spend amusing vacations at such attractive destinations.