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3 Destinations to Explore during Sri Lanka tours

Officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, this country is regarded by many travellers as a paradise. Situated on a giant tectonic plate, called the Indian Plate, it shares its maritime borders with India in the north and northwest, and Maldives in the southwest. The best way to describe Sri Lanka is a land full of endless beaches, hospitable people, rolling surf, timeless ruins, herds of elephants, delicious food and tea. Travellers can pack their itinerary with all these myriad appeals of Sri Lanka tours, but listed below are three of the most incredible places to visit here.


Located approximately 205 km northwest of Colombo, this city lies on the banks of the Malvathu Oya river. It has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for being one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and for well-preserved architectural ruins. The ruins are clear reminders of its status as the centre of power for more than 1300 years. A poya or religious celebration is one of the best times to visit this place during Sri Lanka tour packages. Lit with lanterns and candles, the temples, streets and courtyards in the city offer a magical journey down the lanes of history. Stupas, monasteries, temples, gardens, rock shelters, sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities, and Sandakada Pahana – unique features of local architecture – are some things to see here.

Yala National Parkyala-national-park-srilankaSpread over 979 sq km, this park is located about 300 km from Colombo. Known to have one the highest numbers of leopards in the world, this protected area attracts a lot of photographers and biologists. Although travellers can book safari rides, cycling can be a better means to explore the territory. Visitors can start their journey right at dawn along the B35 road, going through the park, to see myriad sights of wildlife from water buffaloes and giant squirrels to mongooses and crocodiles. Here, travellers will be required to follow certain rules to respect the natural habitat of the animals. Carrying food and drugs, firearms, smoking, wearing a strong perfume or odour, and mobiles in vibration mode are strictly prohibited in the park.

Sigiriya Rock FortressSigiriya-Rock-Fortress-srilanka

Sri Lanka holiday packages may not be complete without a visit to the ancient ruins of the approximately 200-metres high cliff, housing Sigiriya rock fortress. Situated in the Matale district in the Central Province, this is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. Most historical records credit its construction to King Kashyapa I, who ruled here in 5th century BC. The most striking part of the fortress is a pair of giant paws of a lion, which guards the staircase leading to the summit. A good way to see ancient graffiti, views of the idyllic countryside, colourful frescoes, water reservoirs and landscaped gardens, is climbing the rocky footsteps to the top. The mirror wall, which was extensively polished in the olden days for the monarchs to see their reflection, is an intriguing site within the fortress.

These are three marvellous sites to explore during Sri Lanka holidays to learn about the history and wildlife of this island country.


4 Incredible Heritage Sites to be Explored on Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka HolidaysThe magical island country of Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination in South Asia. Endowed with scenic landscapes, pristine beaches and diverse nature parks, it is worth being explored on Sri Lanka holidays. Within this tiny landmass, enclosed within the expansive Indian Ocean, lies eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, 15 national parks, thousands of tea estates and countless waterfalls. Part of the Indian subcontinent, separated from it by the narrow Palk strait, this tropical nation is enriched with a unique history and culture. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Digamadulla are the three ancient cities of the nation that evoke the admiration and fascination of every visitor.


The Sacred City of Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the first Ceylonese political and religious capital. Founded in 380 BC, this sacred city was established around the southern branch of the revered Bodhi Tree, under which Gautama Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. This city is often considered a role model of planning. Tourist can pay a visit to Mihintale, a mountain peak near the city, associated with the earliest introduction of Buddhism to the country. The Ruwanwelisseya Dagoba is another popular attraction of the city providing a serene and calm atmosphere to visitors. An abundance of ancient stone architecture, stupas and monastic complexes lie here. Among the other highlights of the city are Jethawanaramaya Stupa, Isurumuniya Rock Temple and the Twin Baths (Kuttam Pokuna). Many Sri Lanka vacation packages are available for tourists to visit this historical city.


Polonnaruwa, the capital of the island nation after the invasion of Anuradhapura, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site of the country. Within its boundaries, tourists can find the Brahmanic monuments of Cholas and ruins of the fabulous garden city. A shrine for Buddhists and Sinhalese, this city is also known for its rather astounding urban creations, which have unusual dimensions that are structured with respect to their natural settings. Besides the intriguing ruins, the Gal Vihara, Polonnaruwa Vatadage and Lankathilaka Image House make it an interesting travel destination to be explored with Sri Lanka tour packages.


Digamadulla, an important archaeological site of the island, is among the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Located in the Eastern province of the country, it is inundated with ruins of palaces of erstwhile kingdoms, stone scriptures and monasteries, where hundreds of monks resided. All of these sites are now easily accessible to visitors. The region also boasts of four national parks, including the famous Kumana Bird Sanctuary and long stretches of beaches that offer many picturesque views as the sun rises or sets into the horizon.

These are the three heritage sites of the island nation to be explored on Sri Lanka holidays.