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3 Naturalistic Sites to Explore with Singapore Holidays

A global city-state in Southeast Asia, the Republic of Singapore is often called The Garden City, owing to its abundant natural beauty. The main territory of the city consists of a diamond-shaped island, popularly called Singapore Island, and many smaller islets. Parks and nature reserves constitute nearly 10 per cent of its land area. Its people have been successful in improving their urban lifestyle, without damaging the natural surroundings. These parks and nature reserves can be included in the itinerary, when planning Singapore holidays. Three amazing naturalistic sites in the city-state are Pulau Ubin, the city zoo and the botanical gardens.


Pulau Ubin

Travellers can catch a bumboat from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal to reach the peaceful shores of Pulau Ubin. The stroll through this island village takes them back to the Singapore of the 60s, owing to its slow pace and simple pleasures of life. A day trip to this place is often included in Singapore tour packages, available with different online travel agencies (OTAs). Visitors can choose to either walk or pedal down the serene roads, lined with swaying coconut palms. They can explore the shady trails in its rubber plantations, mangroves and secluded beaches. With fresh air, delicious cuisine, and soothing sounds and sights, this place calms mind and soul.

Singapore Zoo


Singapore tours may seem incomplete without a visit to the city zoo. Established in the year 1973, this zoological park is famous for its wildlife settings, where animals can roam freely in their natural habitats. Elevated platforms have been installed to allow visitors to see giraffes. Different underwater galleries provide tourists a glimpse of marine life with otters, giant estuarine crocodiles and pygmy hippos swimming around. Predatory cheetahs and lions can be witnessed safely from special glass observation panels.

Encompassing different wildlife habitats of the world, the zoo has exhibits like savannah grasslands of Africa and rough canyons of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Fragile Forest has pathways, where people can walk to do incredibly intimate interactions with animals. The Elephants at Work and Play Show features the animals, carrying massive logs and spraying water from their trunks. With goals of preserving the biodiversity, this zoo not only educates travellers about appreciating the animals, but also teaches to respect them in their natural surroundings.

Singapore Botanic Gardens


Fostering agricultural development, the 74-hectare Singapore Botanic Gardens holds a significant place in the hearts of nature lovers. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, these gardens attract casual visitors, horticulture experts, biologists and photographers. Its landscape consisting of greenery, along with the serene surroundings of Swan Lake, provides a tranquil environment. The gardens house more than 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids. People can also visit Ginger Garden, home to around 250 members of the Zingiberaceae species of plants. The primeval rainforest in these gardens contains over 300 types of plants, with some that are rare in Singapore.

These are the three informative naturalistic places to explore during Singapore holidays.


Explore 3 Architectural Wonders with Singapore Packages

Extravagant, lavish and technological wonders are words that perfectly define Singapore. This city-state was founded by the British back in the 19th century to end the Dutch shipping domination in the region. Its current development in architecture and design can be attributed to its proximity to the Republic of China. This is definitely the place for those who love admiring ingenious work of design and architecture. For such people, here is a list of three architectural wonders that can be explored by booking Singapore packages.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This building, constructed in 2011 by Moshe Safdie, is often referred to as the unofficial symbol of Singapore. There is a mall, casino, hotel, convention centre, museum and movie theatres within this building. It truly justifies the statement – all facilities under one roof. A visit to Marina Bay Sands Hotel is often included in Singapore tour packages because of its grandness and lavish décor. Shining from miles away, this boat-like structure is made up of three towers. These are joined at the top – 57th floor, where travellers can see an infinity pool, club, bar and restaurant. On the other hand, the ground floor is connected with the metro system. As per reports, this property having a value of around $8 billion is the most expensive in the region.

The Gardens by Bay in east of Marina Bay Sands can also be explored by nature lovers. Along with tropical forest and other attractive plants, supertrees add stars to the beauty of this place. These trees reach up to 16 storeys, acting as chimneys and looking like a vertical garden.

ArtScience Museum

This museum is also the work of Moshe Safdie and depicts the same grandness as the hotel. This building in the shape of a blossoming lotus looks stunning from the outside, and from the inside, it is even more lavish. There are 21 gallery spaces, which are used to organise popular exhibitions. These exhibitions are often based on interesting themes like photography, antiques, paintings and modern art. Art lovers are suggested to explore this place with Singapore holiday packages.

Helix Bridge

It is the perfect example of what science and technology can do when combined together. Designed by Singaporean and Australian architects, this bridge leads to the ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It was opened back in 2010 for public, and it is said that the altering coloured lighting of this structure represents the DNA double helix.

These three highly-advanced architectural wonders are among must-see attractions included in Singapore packages.

Appealing Architectural Of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

An amazing place to visit, with Singapore packages, is Marina Bay Sands. It is a skyscraper, considered the most expensive building in the world. Situated in the southern corner of the mega-city, this breathtaking example of architecture has been constructed on a piece of land, covering about 15.5 hectares in area. It is in fact, three separate buildings, joined by a long, rectangular deck, acting as its roof. The idea was inspired from a house of cards and to some people, the complex looks to be shaped like the letter M. Inside this 8 billion-Dollar complex are hotels, restaurants, casinos, museums, shops, theatres and an open terrace. Six celebrity chefs were finalized by the tourism council to set up restaurants inside this magnificent site. Its design was approved by government of Singapore after analyzing its tourist appeal and architectural concept. Originally planned to be opened at once, it finally commenced operations in four phases due to escalating costs and financial crises.



Since its opening, the entire place has become a raging tourist attraction owing to its unique design and its multi-purpose aspects. Each of the three buildings is about 200 metres high and has 55 floors. Its biggest attraction is Skypark, located on the roof, connecting the three towers. Many restaurants, gardens and an observation deck, on top of a gigantic cantilever are located on it. A 150-metre long vanishing pool captures the attention of all who visit this integrated resort. Among the dining options here is the restaurant by one of the celebrity chefs, a nightclub and an executive lounge. Its 5-storey convention centre, housing around 12250 rooms and halls, occupies a total area of 120000 square metres. It can be used for meetings, conventions, conferences and exhibitions, and its in-house ballroom can accommodate about 11000 humans at once.

Near this site is the 15000-square metre casino with 600 tables, 1500 slot machines, two noodle bars and a Chinese eatery. Its in-house shopping mall spans almost 800000 square metres, and has shops and stores of most regional and international brands. Some of the brands available here are Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Armani, making it a fashion and clothing hotspot. A water canal, inspired by The Venetian mall in Las Vegas, runs through the shopping area. A small bridge is built across it and people can also take a tour through it on a boat. Also here are two well-known nightclubs, the Avalon and Pangaea and a 600-square metre indoor skating rink, made of artificial ice.

The Sands and Grand theatres host international celebrities and plays, including Broadway classics like My Fair Lady, The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Annie, Wicked and Starlight Express. Wonder Full, a 13-minute light, sound and water show is performed in the Event Plaza. Various permanent and temporary exhibitions are held inside the ArtScience Museum that is shaped like a lotus. People, coming here as part of their international holiday packages, can also consider seeing the ArtPath, which features 11 installations by five famous artists. The resort is just 4 minutes away from the Marina Bay station of the Mass Rapid Transit and 10 minutes away from the Promenade station. Water taxis can also be availed from many seaside points around Singapore to reach here.

Gardens by the Bay – A Scientific Masterpiece

Singapore is a city-state situated to the south of Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Its name comes from the Sanskrit language and translates to the lion city. The earliest settlement here, dating to 2nd century AD, was known as Temasek. In the 11th century, Rajendra – a Chola emperor from India – invaded this little island. The 19th century was an era of fierce competition between different colonial powers. Whoever had control over the Indo-China trade would control South Asia. Singapore was an important point through where the trade route passed. The British, in 1819, constructed a base and port to expand their influence in the region and led to the foundation of the modern city. In present times, it is a concrete jungle as magnificent as any. Soaring skyscrapers, housing apartments and multinational office headquarters dominate the cityscape. Many sites and buildings are architecturally unique and involve innovative and ingenious designs and concepts. Tourists during their Singapore holidays visit places like Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios theme park, Buddhist temples and other attractions in the city.

Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is a unique park, situated near the sea. It occupies an area of 1010000 sq. metres and consists of three gardens: Central, East and South. The Central park has a length of around 3 km that can be utilised for walks. Its Eastern section is across the Marina Bay, comprising spacious lawns, palm trees and flowers. It gives panoramic views of the skyline of downtown Singapore. The Bay South garden is the biggest of the three and is where most of the popular attractions of the park are located. A huge nursery called Flower Dome houses plants from all parts of the world in a Mediterranean climate, which is artificially created. Located right next to the Flower Dome is the Cloud Forest, which as the name suggests, is covered in mist. Inside it is a huge mountain, covered with lush plants and trees. Gushing down its slopes is a waterfall, whose water is absorbed by the vegetation. Visitors can reach the hilltop via an elevator.


The Supertree Grove is perhaps the most mind-boggling feature of the site. A total of 12 tree-like buildings, 25-50 metres high, dominate the park. Exotic ferns, vines and bushes are planted along their length. They also contain photovoltaic cells, which convert solar energy into electricity, which is later used for many functions and events organised there. A 22-metre high path, connecting the two highest trees, gives people a chance to view the entire area. The Heritage section is a museum, which educates tourists about different ethnic groups of the region and their contributions to the city. History and culture of the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Colonial people can be learned here. World of Plants is everything that people need to know about different flora species. Various phenomenons like pollination and adaptation to difficult climate can be seen here. Visitors can also learn to identify various trees and see animals like orangutans and pelicans.


For children, there is the Far East Organisation garden, which has a tree-house along with water pools and tunnels. Desert environment has been created in the Sun Pavilion, allowing plants to survive here. Besides these things, the destination is dotted with restaurants serving food from various regions of the world. It can easily be reached by using local buses and the efficient mass rapid transit system.

Adventures of Gambling in Singapore

Singapore is a prosperous nation situated in the southeastern region of Asia. This country is among the major commercial hubs of the world and houses one of the biggest financial centres and busiest ports worldwide. Being a melting pot, this place is known to feature an amalgamated culture comprising various ethnicities. The influences of Christian, Chinese and Buddhist cultures can be witnessed in its various aspects. All round the year, people from across the world opt for Singapore packages to come here on a memorable holiday. Besides being a tourist place, this destination is a well-known entertainment hub and features gambling as a major recreational activity. In the past few years, casinos of this place have gained much popularity among the luxury seeking travelers.


Popular Gambling/Casino Destinations

This country, is one such place, that has legalised gambling. There are three prominent cities with world-class gambling facilities. The most popular destination for this purpose, with a number of expensive casinos, is Marina Bay that features a property with around 700 table games, video poker machines and over 2000 gaming slots.

Marina Bay Sands Casino
Marina Bay Sands Casino

Marina Bay Sands Casino, situated at Marina Sands is the largest of its kind in the country. Spread over an area of 160000 square feet, this place remains open throughout the week. It was opened in 2010 to cater to the recreational needs of the sophisticated tourists. The property also offers facilities like self and valet parking, luxurious spa and number of on-site restaurants, serving palatable cuisine. The area around Marina Bay remains bustling with visitors, who like to indulge in the fun-filled nightlife offered by the place. Hence, the casino is ideally situated to receive a large number of gamblers every day, especially in the vacation season.

A Plethora of Gambling Games


Resorts World Casino
Resorts World Casino

Another major casino destination is Resorts World Casino in Sentosa. It is located beneath a plush hotel – Maxim Residences and offers easy access to all its facilities. Well-equipped gambling facilities coupled with the magnificent views of the area and fine dining is sure to be a splendid experience for visitors. More than 500 tables are available at Resorts World that offer games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Money Wheel. The electronic table games include Rapid Baccarat, Electronic Roulette and Electronic Sic Bo. People can also use enjoy several popular games at around 2400 electronic table games machine and slot machines. The casino offers membership plans for its frequent visitors. Another well- known playing area is present in Sands Casino Singapore, which is a riverine property and covers an area of over fifty acres.

The government of Singapore has realized the need to develop these gaming zones in order to popularize it as an exotic traveling destination. Several other luxurious properties are being planned to be set up in these zones to attract more visitors and to make the country a prominent location for popular gaming hubs. A visit to these splendid places is a great option to include on Singapore tours.


Joy-rides and An Encounter With Marine Life In Singapore

Singapore is a majestic land, whose has made a prominent place on the world map. This ever-enchanting country is bestowed with many splendid sights that are sure to leave visitors completely awe-struck. It has a charisma that lingers in the mind of holidaymakers for long and tempts them to visit this place again. From the magnificent theme parks to delightful river safaris, visitors completely get dissolved into the euphoric environment of the country. Singapore tours assist travelers to explore this region, which provides infinite adventure and mind-boggling experience.

Get Fascinated by High-Octane Rides

Universal Studios in the country are famous worldwide for their adrenaline-pumping rides that leave tourists completely astounded. This amusement park offers a variety of joyrides, which are based on blockbuster Hollywood films ranging from Transformers, Madagascar to Jurassic Park.

Wave House Sentosa
Wave House Sentosa

The roller-coaster are highly entertaining and appreciated by frequent travellers. Similar experiences can be enjoyed at Wave House Sentosa, which offers the activity of surfing over 10 ft of waves. It provides an authentic beachfront atmosphere, where the boisterous crowd can just simply lose themselves in the lively and groovy environment.

Admire the Picturesque Scenery

Singapore is suffused with vistas, which are renowned for preserving flora and fauna in the natural environment. Marine Life Park is among the largest oceanarium in the world, housing innumerable species of water mammals on display. The country also boasts of a river-themed park, which is one of a kind in entire Asia. Visitors can explore eight separate habitats of fresh-water mammals that comprise almost 5,000 species of aquatic animals.

Marine Life Park, Singapore
Marine Life Park, Singapore

While strolling through large stream of water, they can witness giant river otter, endangered Mekong catfish and giant salamander. Another striking attraction of the region is Songs of the Sea, a multimedia show, set in Sentosa Island. This captivating program renders scintillating waterworks, which are combined with musical shows, pyrotechnics, thrilling fames and computer effects.

Enjoy the Sumptuous Cuisine

Songs of the Sea, Singapore
Songs of the Sea, Singapore

Ethnic diversity of Singapore has largely influenced its culinary, which offer a combination of Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai and Western food items. Freshwater mammals are a speciality of the region, comprising many species of fish, shrimp and lobsters. Rice is the staple food, which is served with spicy curries and hearty salad. Locals food is also appreciated by visitors from around the world that mainly comprise Bak Kut Teh, Wanton Mee, Fried Carrot Cake, Dimsums and Laksa. The country has inherited savoury spices and condiments due to large influences from different cultures that exist in the region.

Singapore completely serves as a paradisal land, where everything is present in a perfect form. Travelers can plan their sojourn and select international tours for this destination. These packages are available travel portals and availing them is beneficial for globetrotter as they offer an itinerary that covers major highlights of the region. This country can be reached by either waterway or airways, whose fares are inclusive in most of these travel deals. Plan the upcoming holiday to discover the enigma of this place and take back home a bundle of memories.

Orchard Road – A Major Shopping Destination To Visit During Singapore Tours

A trip to Singapore has emerged as a favorite among vacationers opting for world tour packages. This island country is located beyond the southern tip of Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. With diverse cultures, myriad natural attractions, appealing shopping destinations, relaxing beaches and electrifying nightlife, Singapore is just the perfect place for fulfilling vacation. According to independent surveys, the year 2011 witnessed a tourist influx of more than 13 million in Singapore that is almost twice the current population of the nation. The nation’s government has undertaken several steps to promote tourism as it is a major contributor to the economy of the country.


Orchard Road
Orchard Road

The nerve centre of shopping in Singapore is the Orchard Road, which boasts of a high density of popular retail stores and fashion brands. Sometimes referred to as the Orchard, this place is essentially a long boulevard that has emerged as a major shopping destination in this country. Besides shopping centres, this stretch is dotted with a plethora of hotels that ensure a fulfilling stay for guests of the nation. For conveyance of travellers, proper transport facilities including Mass Rapid Transit are available from this part of the nation to other important points across the area.

Mass Rapid Transit, Singapore
Mass Rapid Transit, Singapore


Pristine Man-Made Beaches


No matter how much rapid urbanisation have affected the charm and beauty of the beaches of Singapore, they remain to be a major draw among tourists who opt for Singapore tours. The natural coastline has reduced over the years and has been replaced by the much more prominent man-made shores.

East Coast Park
East Coast Park

These are generally formed at the edges of reclaimed lands. The most popular among these man-made beaches are the ones along the East Coast Park, Sembawang Park and West Coast Park. Besides swaying palm trees that adorn the coastline, these shores are dotted with resorts and hotels.

Sembawang Park
Sembawang Park

Offering accommodation for people coming to these exotic locations, these properties are a perfect retreat for a relaxing weekend.


West Coast Park
West Coast Park

Cosmopolitan Population


Apart from scenic attractions of Singapore, another aspect that has contributed to its tourism is the cosmopolitan nature of this region. Due to its geographical location and commercial prospects, this place has been visited by people from various cultural backgrounds. Over the years, the country has drawn migrants from different parts of the world, including the Indian Subcontinent, China and Middle East. As a result of migration, intermarriages and intermixing of foreign people with locals, the place portrays homogeneous amalgamation of cultures. Owing to the communal harmony that exists in Singapore, all major festivals of the various inhabitants are celebrated here with pomp.

Altogether, this nation has become the next happening place, which is evident from the fact that people from far and wide come here to spend their holidays. Holidaymakers may consult popular travel portals to plan their vacation – from ticket booking to lodging and food to sightseeing. With such arrangements by efficient planners, spend a memorable trip at Singapore with family and friends on the next vacation.


Explore the Beautiful and Amazing Jurong Bird Park During Your Singapore Holidays

The island country of Singapore, which comprises 63 beautiful islands, lies in the southern tip of the peninsula of Malaysia. Home to the fifth-busiest port in the world, this nation has an economy that is vastly based on international trade. It has a diverse population, including Chinese, Indians and Malays with four official languages, English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. If you are planning a trip to this small island nation, then some of the attractions that you must visit during your Singapore holidays are Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Underwater World and Jurong Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park

 This open-concept park encompasses an area of around 50 acres and is the biggest of its kind in Asia. It is home to about 600 bird species, especially from South Asia, with a population of around 9000 birds. Designed by John Yealland (a noted ornithologist and aviculturist), this park was opened to public in the year 1971 by the man behind its establishment, Dr. Goh Keng Swee.

The park consists of four aviaries, one of which is the biggest walk-in aviary, featuring the tallest man-made waterfall. It is here that visitors can get a close view of colourful, free-flying birds from South America and Africa. This park also has to its credit the largest walk-in lory (a parrot species) flight aviary in the world. This aviary is almost nine-storey high and is spread across an area of 3000 sq m, featuring about 10 colourful lory species. In addition to various bird species, visitors get a chance to observe a collection of more than 10,000 exotic trees, palms, bamboo and ground-cover vegetation in this park.

If you wish to spend a delightful time in the Jurong Bird Park, then look for those Singapore tours package that include a trip to this park. You can get such package deals on leading travel websites.

Avail Singapore Packages for a Trip to the Food Paradise

The grandeur of Singapore sets it as a major tourist hub in the world. This archipelago is known for its booming urban life that is abundant in affluence. An eccentric mix of cultures and traditions makes this small nation a place of interest for tourists. On one hand, you find art galleries and museums whereas on the other hand, there is the dazzling night-life scene. What adds to the vibrancy of the place is its food-culture, which is absolutely rich and diverse. If you are interested in a trip, then you can get a Singapore tour package deal available on leading travel websites.

Food and Lots of it

Singapore boasts of a diverse cuisine that is rich in flavours and variety. The four main cuisines that are popular in the country are Malay, Chinese, Indian and Peranakan. Restaurants and roadside eating outlets in the country provide delicious meals that tickle the taste buds with their mouth-watering flavours. Apart from its speciality restaurants, this island country also has its own delicacies that prove its excellence in culinary science. The Ice Kachang made of jelly beans, ice, condensed milk and other ingredients is a loved dessert that can be found on various street stalls. Another popular delicacy that must be tried while strolling on streets is the Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is popular as the national dish of the country. Speaking of national food, you must savour the Singapore Sling, a cocktail that is honoured as the national drink of this country. Some other signature dishes of this place are Satay, Rojak, Tea Tarik and Nasi Lemak, which can be relished at top-class restaurants and open eateries.

There are many online portals that offer attractive Singapore packages, which are likely to offer dining services, as well. Avail any of these packages from a trusted portal to plan a wonderful trip to this country, which is famous for its tasteful surprises.