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Exploring 3 Aspects of Temple of Heaven with China Tours

Since the ancient times splendid architectures with perfect geometric precision have been built with the purpose of establishing connect between the heaven and the earth. One of these architectures served the purpose of worship and, for this reason, are held to be sacred. Temple of Heaven in Beijing, a key attraction in many China tour packages, is one of these places where Chinese emperors used to worship in order to please the God for getting a good harvest. Visiting this scared place is considered to be a vital component of China tours.


During guided China tours get to know about the history of the Temple of Heaven. It was constructed by Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty from 1406 to 1420 AD within the confines of the royal garden. He also built several temples dedicated to sun, earth and moon in east, north and west, respectively. In those times, a poor harvest was taken as a bad omen for the ruler and was considered to be an expression of distrust in his rule by the gods. Hence, bad crops led to instability of his regime. For this reason, emperors used to worship at least once a year at the time of winter solstice.

Design and Architecture

It is believed that the design and architecture of this temple was based on the law of Universe so as to reflect affinity and relation between earth and sky. The whole temple complex is divided into three different groups of construction, which are as follows:

a.The Hall of Prayer, where emperors used to pray for good harvest, is 36 meters in diameter and 38 meters tall and is built on three levels of marble stone base. Interestingly, it is totally made of wooden and no nails have been used.
b.The Imperial Vault of Heaven, which lies to the south of Hall of Prayer is connected to it by 360 meters long Vermillion Step Bridge. It is built on single-marble stone base and is surrounded by a small circular wall that echoed sounds of prayer.
c.The Circular Mound Altar, which lies to the south of the Imperial Vault, is an empty circular platform built on three levels of marble stone.

Numerology in Design

An interesting aspect of the temple that would draw your attention during China tours is importance of numbers. In design of Altar, there are rings of nine plates surrounding a single marmor plate. Thereafter, a ring of 9×2 plates and so on till 9×9 plates were present on outermost diameter. Similarly, the Hall of Prayer had 4 inner, 12 middle and 12 outer pillars, which represented Chinese seasons, months and hours, respectively.


3 Must-See Attractions with Mauritius Packages

Home to sandy beaches, azure lagoons and palm trees, Mauritius is an ideal holiday destination. Situated along the south-east coast of the African continent, Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean. With azure and clear waters hitting the shores, featuring dazzling sand and palm trees, this island perfectly exemplifies tropical beauty. The unique contrast of cultures and colours makes this place so beautiful and charming that the ultimate scene created is perfect for holidays. Set along the turquoise sea, this bathed in year-round sunshine destination, offers limitless options of land and water based activities that travellers can enjoy with their Mauritius packages.

As this distinctively beautiful country in no way has dearth of attractive beaches, it is the most preferred luxury spot and honeymoon destination. Indeed, this island is not all about beaches, there are countless of blossoming forests, historic sites and breathtaking views that are worth exploring with some of the finest Mauritius tour packages.

In every corner of this place, travellers can experience unparalleled beauty but there are 3 must-see attractions that travellers cannot miss out with a Mauritius holiday package.

Black River Gorges National Park

Sprawling over 6574 hectares of land, this national park was established in the year 1994 for protecting the remaining native forests of the kingdom. Providing shelter to about 300 species of the flowering plants, this park is a habitat of the Pink Pigeon, which is an endemic species of Mauritius birdlife. This park also offers the panoramic views of the island, including that of gorges, waterfalls and peaks.


A winding road from Case Noyale Village takes travellers to Chamerel, which is an undulating landscape of contrasting colours. Owing to its creation by the erosion from volcanic ash, this seven-coloured landscape is a myriad of sand dunes comprising seven distinct colours. This site of rare beauty is something that vacationers cannot afford to miss with their Mauritius packages.

Chateau de Labourdonnais

Located at the heart of grand natural estate, this place will help visitors to rediscover the 19th century Mauritian lifestyle. Built in the year 1859, this magnificent mansion with all its historical splendour, provides travellers a complete knowledge about the glorious history of the island. Situated amidst the natural settings, this chateau with its colonial era architectural style and rich treasures of flora and fauna is an important landmark of native heritage. To unveil the glorious past of this nation with Mauritius tour packages, nothing can be best than visiting this chateau.

With their visit to these 3 attractions, travellers get a chance to encounter the scenic, wildlife and cultural diversity of the place.

Visiting 3 Significant Museums with Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt is a gigantic transcontinental country that falls within the territory of Africa and Asia. It brims with ancient and medieval history, and has a plethora of mythological legends associated with it. For its long-spanning history of ages, it is also considered as a cradle of civilisation by many. It is widely believed and accepted that Egypt was a pioneer in the fields of urbanisation, literature, agriculture, religion and governance. The legacy of this country is reflected in its monuments and museums, which speak a thousand stories of its past glory. Apart from iconic landmark sites like the Giza Necropolis, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings, tourists can take Egypt tour packages to the various museums in the nation, for a better and organised understanding of its past.

There are three main museums in the country, namely The Egyptian Museum, Grand Egyptian Museum and Egyptian National Military Museum. Various precious artefacts and archaeological findings are preserved inside these museums. By planning their Egypt tours to these establishments, people can gather a vast amount of knowledge about this legendary nation.

The Egyptian Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, referred to as the Egyptian Museum, was established way back in 1902 in the city of Cairo. This history museum houses a huge number of ancient Egyptian antiquities, which were discovered during various excavations in the country. Divided mainly into the ground and first floors, the museum houses and extensive collection of ancient papyrus and coins, in the former level. The first floor has precious artefacts belonging to the final two Egyptian dynasties. Most of these were recovered from the tombs of various Pharaohs. People can utilise their Egypt tour packages to visit this famous repository of Egyptian history.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Regarded as the largest archaeological museum across the globe, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is an under-construction museum to be opened in 2015. On completion, it will be an entire massive storehouse of artefacts pertaining to ancient Egypt. The location of this huge building is about 2 km towards the west of the Giza pyramids. Equipped with latest technology, this archaeological museum will be one of a kind in its category. On completion, it will be a major inclusion into Egypt tours.

Egyptian National Military Museum

Egyptian National Military Museum serves as the official museum of the army in Egypt. Situated inside the Cairo Citadel, it overlooks the Mukattam hills and also the entrance to the fort. It was established in the year 1937, and was later shifted to its present location in 1949. The museum has gone through several renovations, and features various halls dedicated to a variety of collections. On visiting this museum with their Egypt tour packages, people can explore war machinery, weapons and other significant memorabilia.

To explore the various facets of Egypt during one single trip, it is advised to take a tour of its 3 popular and significant museums.

Witnessing 3 Colourful Events on Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka, located in the Indian subcontinent, is an island nation and a popular tourist destination in Asia. Ever year, hordes of travellers opt for Sri Lanka holidays to witness its grand temples, rich flora and fauna, famous monasteries and serene beaches. Though it is a year-round destination, the best time to come to this place is from January to April, when the weather remains favourable for sightseeing and indulging in other activities. This nation has a rich history and is known for its religious celebrations, which are attended by many domestic and international tourists. These events are marked by colourful processions involving men and women, and sometimes even elephants that are decorated beautifully with ornaments. A number of festivals are celebrated with much fanfare in this isle nation, and travellers who have plans to go there in the month of April, May and July can attend the following ones.


Christianity came to this island with the arrival of foreign invaders and since then, it has become a part of the culture of the locals. As a result, Easter – a sacred festival of the Christians – is also carried out here. Though the event is celebrated across the country, but places like Negombo and Kandana is where it is marked by remembering Jesus Christ. During the event, in April, the crucification of Christ is enacted by locals at the mountain of Golgotha.

Tamil and Sinhala New Year

April also sees the grand occasion of Tamil and Sinhala New Year, which marks traditional fanfare and is much-awaited by both Tamils and Sinhalese people. It falls between 12th and 14th April and is a thanksgiving affair by farmers to god. Done in traditional style, the whole event is extravagant and colourful, with participation for all members of the family. On this pious occasion, people wear new outfits, and boiled milk and rice milk with sweets are prepared for the whole family to relish. During this period, young boys pillow fight, climb greased polls and break pots with a blindfold while girls indulge in swinging. Women too take part and wearing new costumes play a traditional instrument called Raban Padha. To be a part of these celebrations in the month of April, tourists can look for Sri Lanka tour packages.


This Buddhist festival is held to commemorate the three stages of the life of Lord Buddha – birth, enlightenment and death. Held in the month of May, it starts at dawn with Buddhists dressed in white head towards the temple to observe, what is called, Sila. During this, they meditate, read religious books and spend time listening to sermons. In the evening, these temples are thronged by devotees who come with offerings and flowers. It is a joyous occasion for people, and to make it more delightful paper lanterns of different shapes and sizes are lit across the island.

The celebrations of Wesak is most defining in the capital city of Colombo, where huge pandals made of bamboo are set up and are decorated with pictures of the life of Lord Buddha. Along the pandals, organisers sit and offer refreshments to devotees. The event also sees performances like puppet shows and other similar ones that tell different tales related to the Buddhist preachers and followers. With Sri Lanka tour packages, attending this occasion can be a great idea for international tourists.

Besides exploring the country for its varied aspects, travellers can attend these 3 colourful festivals of different religions and enjoy to the fullest during their Sri Lanka holidays. Holidaying in this region offers an opportunity to know about one of the oldest cultures of the world.

3 Breathtaking Islands of Philippines to Explore with World Tour Packages from India

Philippines – the land of 7107 islands – is a sovereign country in Southeast Asia. Manila, the national capital, and Quezon are the most populous cities of the country. In around 25000 BC, people from the Asian mainland arrived here and today, it is now the largest Christian country in Asia and the third largest Catholic nation in the world. Throughout the year, the country hosts festivals and events, of which Ibon Ebon, Sinukwan, Giant Lantern and Moriones are quite popular. The place is famous for sparkling white beaches, towering volcanoes, curvaceous mountains and bustling metro cities. Travellers can look for world tour packages from India, which would bring them to the isles of Boracay, Puerto Galera and Malapascua as they are wonderful beach destinations.


It is a small isle, approximately 401 kilometres south of the national capital of Manila. The place is regarded as one of the best locations among tourists to relax by the calm sea. It stretches for 7.4 kilometres in length, and it is famous for white seashells. Travellers, seeking tranquillity or a vibrant nightlife, can opt for the world tour packages from India, which include Boracay in their itineraries. Apart from beaches, it is also a renowned spot for scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite boarding, cliff diving and parasailing. Tourists can also attend events like Ati-Atihan festival and Boracay international festival. The home of the Ati tribe, this island is a secluded spot, which travellers can explore with their world tour packages. There are numerous spas here for tourists to get relaxing massages from expert masseurs and masseuses. For those who love to capture breathtaking natural scenes, this is an ideal place as the sunsets and sunrises here are quite picturesque. Visitors can also explore volcanic caves and remote coves near Boracay.

Puerto Galera

This island is approximately 130 kilometres from Manila, and it lies on the south-western tip of the Isla Verde Passage. The terms Puerto and Galera are Spanish words that mean port of the galleons. Travellers can have one of the best swimming experiences here, as the sea around the island is shallow and generally calm. A biosphere reserve of UNESCO since 1973, this place also features some of the best coral reefs in Asia. While exploring this destination with their world tour packages from India, visitors may taste some of the best seafood dishes, made from trumpet fish, frogfish, lionfish and leaf fish. White Beach and Sabang Beach are the most popular tourist spots here. For a memorable stay, tourists can opt for those world tour packages, which include accommodation in luxurious local beach resorts.

Malapascua Island

This island lies in the Visayan Sea, and politically it is on the northern tip of the province of Cebu. It is quite a small isle, stretching for only about 2 km in length and roughly 1 km in width. The name Malapascua is believed to refer to its founding by the Spanish, who are thought to have landed here on a stormy Christmas night in the 1500s. The people of this island depend on tourism, boat industry, fishing and coconut plantations for their livelihood. Tourists can explore its mesmerising white sandy beaches, relax in the shade of palm trees, or venture into the clear blue water. Travellers can also go for a pleasant stroll across the island, if their world tour packages from India, are bringing them here. Thresher sharks and manta rays are the most prominent fish that you may spot near the island.

If the world tour packages, availed by vacationers have these three islands in their itinerary, then they are sure to have amazing beach holidays in the country.

4 Wonderful Museums to Visit during a London Tour

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, and it is situated on the banks of river Thames. Often called the cultural capital of the world, the city has a good diversity of cultures, and the various peoples here speak over 300 languages. Statistics, published by various firms, reveal that it was the most visited city in the world in 2014. It was founded as the small settlement of Londinium by the Romans in AD 47. Travellers, coming for a London tour, can visit the Kew Gardens, Palace of Westminster and St Margaret Church, which are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tourists, interested in history and culture, can visit the Natural History, British, Victoria and Albert, and the Globe theatre museums, while exploring the city.

Natural History Museum

Known as British Museum (Natural History) till 1992, it is located on Cromwell Road, and it is within walking distance from South Kensington metro station. Almost 80 million items from various fields like palaeontology, botany, entomology, zoology and mineralogy are its prime attractions. During a London sightseeing tour, visitors will also see specimens collected by Charles Darwin. The galleries of the museum are named Red Zone, Green Zone, Blue Zone and Orange Zone. Skeletons of dinosaurs are among the largest, oldest and most admired exhibits of this amazing establishment.

British Museum

The British Museum was established in 1753, and it is located in Bloomsbury, which is a locality in the borough of Camden. Among the major displays here is the huge collection of Hans Sloane, an avid scientist. The British Monarchy under King George II bought the collection, which now contains about 8 million exhibits, for roughly GBP 20000. Travellers can come here from 10:00 am in the morning to 5.30 pm in the evening. The objects that visitors will see here during their London tour relate to the history of various parts of the world. Some of the regions, represented here, are ancient Rome, ancient and prehistoric Greece, Etruscan Civilisation, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania and prehistoric Europe as a whole.

Victoria and Albert Museum

It is the largest museum in the world in terms of design and decorative art collection. The institution is spread across 12.5 acres, and it has been named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Over 5000 years of history from the ancient times to the contemporary age is represented by its displays. These works have been brought from North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. The post-classical sculpture collection here, considered to be the largest in the world, can be seen during a London sightseeing tour for a more comprehensive understanding of world literature. Numerous temporary, but informative exhibitions and events are hosted here that draw huge number of people.

Globe Theatre Museum

Opened in 1997, the Globe Theatre museum is a replica of the original Elizabethan playhouse. The historical structure was built by the drama company of William Shakespeare in 1599, and it continued to function till being  destroyed by a fire in 1613. After being rebuilt in 1614, it was closed by the Puritans in 1944, as the group was strongly against any kind of merriment. The contemporary structure is located almost 750 feet away from the original one. Tourists on a London tour can attend plays, concerts and exhibitions that are organised here regularly. Visitors have ample opportunities of learning during their London sightseeing tour as courses on drama are offered here. Travellers can do their research work in the library of the museum, and the campus also has a playground for children.

Visiting these 4 places can help travellers to learn more about this wonderful city.

Going on a South Africa Tour and Attending 4 Highly Entertaining Festivals

The Republic of South Africa – located on the southern part of Africa – has about 2798 kilometres of coastline. It is a land of a multi-ethnic society, boasting diverse languages, cultures and religions. People from around the world have migrated here, and they have brought their vulture along with them. This phenomenon has resulted in the rich diversity of the cuisine of South Africa. Here travellers will find dishes from almost every region of the world. The country stays alive with regular happenings of food, dance, music and art festivals, which are a huge rage among globetrotters. Tourist on a South Africa tour can attend festivals like Little Karoo National Arts festival, Knysna Oyster Festival and Ficksburg Cherry Festival, in addition to exploring its various wonderful man-made and natural sites.

Little Karoo National Arts Festival

This festival was first hosted in 1994, and it usually takes place in late March or early April in the city of Oudtshoorn. It showcases the wide variety of performing arts, which has overtime become an inseparable part of the nation. Travellers can attend this event during their South Africa travel to enjoy dance, music, theatre, visual arts, comedy and kids theatre. More than 1000 artists perform and 200 productions are showcased during this eight-day long festival.

Cape Town Jazz Festival

People, who love listening to soothing music, may plan their South Africa tour in late March or early April to attend the Cape Town Jazz Festival. The event began in 2000 as a component of the larger North Sea Jazz Festival, and since then it has grown at a rapid pace. It has been recognised as the largest such festival of the African Continent, and it is the fourth largest in the world.  Almost 40 international artists and hordes of local musicians perform during the two-day long extravaganza. The festival sees a huge gathering of people from every corner of the world. Moreover, tourists who have a good sense of music and are avid lovers of the genre can spend some good time here by opting South Africa travel.

Prince Albert Olive Festival

It is a celebration of wine, music, food and crafts that is held every year at the end of April and the beginning of May. It takes place in the small tourist town of Southern Cape; Prince Albert. This weekend long festival attracts tourists from across the globe. By booking South Africa travel, globetrotters can taste some artisan cheeses, juicy olives, firm figs and exquisite white and red wines. Unique architecture, music, art galleries and gardens are the key attractions of the carnival. To experience true Prince Albert magic, which is flooded with peace and tranquillity, travellers need to buy tickets of this upcoming festival.

Splashy Fen Music Festival
It is the longest running musical festival of South Africa, established back in the 1990s by Bart Fokkens and Peter Ferraz. This rock and folk music event is held every year during the Easter weekend. Since its inception, it has been hosted at the farms of Drakensberg. Well-known artists from the country have performed in the event during their early days.
Apart from attending these 4 important events, tourists can also indulge in a lot of activities, such as hiking, trekking, bungee jumping and sky diving during a South Africa tour. Planning a holiday in this rainbow nation can be quite an experience, especially with friends as group activities are a quite popular here. So, travellers from across the globe having a plan to visit this place only need to look for those deals that include a lot of exciting things in their itineraries.