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Kenya Safaris –Checklist of Dos and Donts

Situated in East Africa, Kenya is a tropical country, which is popular for its savannah grasslands and rich biodiversity. It has some sprawling and verdant regions like those of Masai Mara, which are dotted with wildlife diversity and serve as perfect locations for adventure-filled trips of safari. In the past few years, Kenya safaris have attracted a large number of travellers, who are said to have an experience of a lifetime. Masai Mara is home to some marvellous species of lions, elephants and wildebeests. Tourists also get to see and meet the Masai warriors and members of the Samburu tribe, and witness their lifestyle. The Samburu Game Reserve is another popular location for the aforementioned adventure activity and houses a number of rare Northern creatures.

Safari in this region is a fulfilling experience in itself that is coupled with a thrilling day, enjoyable drives and a night spent under the beautiful open sky. Travelers can also stop to take a look at the locally-run conservation efforts for flora and fauna. But, these trips require certain precautions to be taken before and during the tour, which let people have a comfortable touring experience.


Firstly, people should take complete rest a day before the safari in order to stay prepared for the busy day ahead as well as being compatible with the different time zone. The currency should be exchanged only for the required amount as unspent Kenyan currency may take up a lot of time to be converted. Next thing to be careful about is the passport and money, which should always be carried along to facilitate the trip. For money related matters, travelers must have prior knowledge of the banking hours and their working time. Communication is another important service, which can be accessed easily from Nairobi through phone calls and internet.

Those wearing spectacles and contact lenses should keep extra pairs as roads on the safari can be quite bumpy and dusty. Although, laundry facilities are available, but luggage should be intelligently packed. People are advised to take lightweight, casual and comfortable clothes for the tour. The mountainous areas can be quite chilly during early mornings and evenings, thus calling for warm clothing. Low-heeled and comfortable footwear coupled with socks are other clothing recommendations. Tourists can bring hats and umbrellas for sun protection, if they wish to get out of the car to have closer views of harmless animals. Ample amount of drinking water and food items must be carried to avoid starvation and dehydration.


Tourists should not exchange money anywhere on streets as they may fall victim to the illegal act of black marketing. Money and valuables should never be left behind at the accommodation for safety issues. People are advised not to take strolls in deserted areas without any guidance, especially at night. They must not overload the luggage while the trip and should carry only the necessary items. The equatorial sun of Kenya can be quite harmful to the health; thus, most of the time should be spent inside the vehicle. The dangerous wild animals should never be approached directly or on foot as this may result in a casualty.


Experience the Enthralling Kenya and Tanzania Safari

Kenya, located in the eastern part of Africa, is a popular tourist destination in the African Great Lakes area. This country has enchanting natural landscapes, which are characterised with craggy hills, luxuriant valleys, lush green forests and pristine water bodies. There are many regions here that are dedicated to rich wildlife habitats. Known for the Big Five – elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion and leopard, this country is an ideal getaway for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, adrenaline junkies and adventurers. People come to this beatific destination to enthral themselves by indulging in Kenya safaris. One of the most popular safari packages of this mesmerising location is the 14 Day Kenya and Tanzania tours. Travellers get an opportunity to enjoy the eastern part of Africa by exploring the arid Shaba as well as the verdant alpine forests of Aberdare Mountains during this tour.


Aberdare Mountains
Aberdare Mountains

There is a plethora of vantage points, soaring peaks, lush green forests and other natural attractions, which people get to discover during the span of few days of the Kenya and Tanzania tours. Lake Nakuru, which houses flocks of flamingos, is one of the prime highlights of this trip. Apart from beholding the breathtaking vistas of the crystal water of this lake, tourists get to witness the euphoric culture of Samburu natives and Masai tribe.

Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater

Another major spot, which travellers get to explore, during this excursion, is the the Ngorongoro Crater, which is the largest among extinct volcanoes of the world. Home to rich wildlife, including lions as well as buffaloes, this place is a retreat for wildlife enthusiasts. This area features the sprawling Amboseli National Park, which is famous for its unique elephants having large tusks.


Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park

Days of Natural Exploration

Travellers, who are spending their Kenya holidays on this amazing safari tour, arrive at the bustling city of Nairobi, which has an international airport. Then they head for the Shaba and Samburu region. Home to the Ewaso Ngiro River, this area is home to vivid flora and fauna. Orynx and long-necked Gerenuk are some of the rare species, which reside in this location. The next destination during this venture is the majestic mountain range of Aberdare as well as the sprawling Lake Nakuru National Park. The latter area is home to thousands of flocks of flamingos and also one of the best regions to encounter the rare white rhino.

From Nakuru, tourists head for one of the most prominent safari regions of the country – Masai Mara. This place is popularly known as the Site of Great Migration due to the heavy footfall of up to 2 million animals and birds at this location. This place not only offers mesmerising vistas but is also a delight to the eyes of a birdwatcher. The next destination of this safari is the Serengeti National Park where tourists can indulge in various plain games, take leisurely strolls and explore the rich ecology of the vivid topography here. Other prominent places, which travellers cover during the remaining days, include Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara as well as the Amboseli National Park.

Amazing Lakes of Kenya

Kenya, located in East Africa, is a prominent tourist destination situated in the African Great Lakes. This nation has an amazing topography characterised with sprawling savannah grasslands, snow-capped peaks, pristine water bodies and rich wildlife. Nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventurers and peace seekers love going on Kenya holidays to explore vivid landscapes here. There is no dearth of tourist attractions here, such as Nairobi National Park, Nakuru, Tsavo West National Park, Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre, Bomas of Kenya, Ruins of Gedi, Diani Beach, Ngong Hills, Kilfi Beach, Uhuru Park and Watamu Marine National Park. Two of the most prominent places of interest here are Lake Victoria and Nakuru.

Lake Victoria and its Beautiful Environs

Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, the largest tropical water body across the world, is the largest in Africa in terms of area. This tarn, popularly known as Victoria Nyanza, was discovered and named after Queen Victoria, by John Hanning Speke in the year 1858. With a surface area of more than 26,500 square kilometres, this water body is also the second largest lake by surface area in the world. This tarn is primarily fed by direct precipitation, however it also receives water from numerous small streams.


The largest stream, which flows into this vast water body is the Kagera River. The mouth of this river is situated on the western shore of the tarn. The lake is drained by Nile River on its northern shore located at Jinja in Uganda. Lake Victoria forms the White Nile here that is a popular tourist attraction here. Tourists from different parts of the world opt for Kenya tour and flock to witness the massive expanse of this pristine water body. The infinite blues surrounded by distant lofty peaks and verdant forests offer breathtaking vistas and captivate the onlookers.


Lake Bogoria and a Trip to its Surroundings

Lake Bogoria
Lake Bogoria


Another popular tourist attraction here is Bogoria, which is a saline and alkaline and is located in the volcanic region of Kenya. Sprawling across an area of more than 30 square kilometres, it is to home to the largest population of Lesser Flamingos in the world. This place, which is a geothermal-active region with hot springs and geysers, is a Ramsar Wetland Site featuring Bogoria National Reserve.

This place is surrounded by vast grasslands featuring verdant bushes. An acacia-ficus woodland lies to the south of the location, while the northern area features papyrus swamp. Spellbinding panorama of this exquisite destination,which is under the administrative supervision of Kenya Wildlife Service, is characterised with soaring mountain ranges, expansive sandy stretches and infinite blues. A secluded area, this place is an ideal retreat for those who want to spend some moments of repose away from the humdrum of city life.

Kenya is an ideal destination to spend vacations amidst the beatific beauty of nature. Revered shrines, national parks, museums and historical monuments attract tourists from every nook and corner of the world.

Masai Mara National Reserve – Best Spot for Kenya Safaris

Kenya, located on the eastern coastal region of the continent of Africa, has been a quaint nation for long. It covers a land area of approximately over 585000 square kilometers. Vast water bodies comprise a major portion of this landmass in the form of huge lakes and rivers. As a result of these lakes, this nation boasts of a plethora of forests and vegetation cover. Tourists from around the world come to this place to engage in Kenya safaris across the unending savanna cover with a variety of wild animals. Apart from this, the nation also abounds in mesmerizing beaches, equatorial forests and even snow-capped mountains and hot, dry deserts to add to the charm of visiting this destination in Africa.

Due to the intense forest cover, there is hardly any other country in the world that offers such limitless grounds for safari trips. In general, most Kenya tour packages include extensive forest trips wherein enthusiasts are taken across some of the most popular zones of savanna. A number of endemic and rare varieties of animals have carved these forests as their niche for centuries. These species are also a major attraction for globetrotters coming to this place to spend a memorable holiday.

Richness in Wildlife Varieties

Masai Mara National Reserve
Masai Mara National Reserve

Among the most popular places to visit in this nation, Masai Mara National Reserve is, perhaps the most popular and known to global enthusiasts. It is arguably, known as one of the greatest and best wildlife reserve forests in the entire continent. Located in the south west part of the country, this place is a must-visit for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This place is universally famous for being the home to lions, wild cats, cheetahs, leopards and other such predatory species. Apart from this, the region is also famous for the traditional Masai people, who have a distinct culture, custom and dressing pattern.


Masai National Park
Masai National Park

This place is regarded as one of the best places to visit for those travelers who are looking to catch a glimpse of predators in their own environment. As a result of this fact, the number of vehicles allowed at a time inside the arena has been limited to conserve the natural habitat of these wild varieties. It has been advised by people who have already paid a visit to organize a safari trip spanning for at least four days to enjoy a complete tour. Lions are a major attraction at this sanctuary as it has one of the largest concentration of this mammal globally.

Wildbeest Migration is another important aspect of this sanctuary that travelers can witness between the months of July to October.

Wildbeest Migration
Wildbeest Migration

It is an antelope variety and is a rare animal found in these areas. Tourists come here from all around the world to witness this species during these months of the year. Nature lovers will never be disappointed if they are planning to visit this place and the richness of population of wild animals is a visual treat. A trip to Kenya without a Safari tour to Masai Mara National Reserve is regarded as incomplete for this reason.

Wonderful Deep Sea Diving Experience in Kenya

Kenya, a beautiful country located in East Africa, is known across the globe for its rich flora and fauna. This region of the African continent, comprises glacier mountains, verdant valleys, searing deserts, pristine beaches, coral reefs and islets. Towards the eastern side of this nation, lie the great Indian Ocean and Somalia; Tanzania in the south; Ethiopia in the north and Uganda in the west. The inland water bodies in the country, encompass an area of more than 10,000 square kilometres, with the major being in the Lakes Turkana and Victoria. This land is a beautiful retreat, where endless exploration opportunities await travellers from across the globe all through the year. There is so much to see and explore that people come here for long trips to fully enjoy their Kenya holidays.

Deep Sea Diving Experience

Being a coastal destination, Kenya serves as an ideal place to indulge in deep sea diving. It offers a lifetime opportunity to explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Diving at this destination is feasible all year-round, although, visibility lessens during the months of July and August due to silting. There are various diving sites in this country, where travellers can take part in this amazing experience.

Kisiite Mpunguti Marine Reserve
Kisiite Mpunguti Marine Reserve

The coast to the north and south of Mombasa are home to many dive hotspots – inside the Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, and around Kisiite Mpunguti Marine Reserve.

Other such good sites, where plunging into the crystal clear waters can be enjoyed, are Mtwapa, Barracuda Reef and Vuma Caves near Kilifi Creek. The diversity and spectacle of the rich marine life that can be found at different reefs is absolutely wonderful. Surgeon fish, octopus, eel, plenty of nudibranchs, angelfish, grouper or barracuda, and snapper are often seen breaching in deep water beyond the reefs.

Fun at Vuma Caves

Located near Kilifi Creek, Vuma Caves is one such site in this nation that an adventurous diver would not want to miss-out visiting. These caves are nearly 20 metres below the surface. The open sea area, which is located towards the entrance of the caves is an ideal site to spot dolphins while the interior is an abode for eels and some large barracuda. Once done with exploring both the interiors and the exteriors of these caves, divers need to exit through a 10-metre chimney in order to come out through a hole in the reef above.

Training for Amateurs

Though, it is an amazing experience to be able to do something like this, but it is advisable for amateur divers to take training before they plan for a diving safari while on Kenya tours. There are a host of schools in this region that train aspiring divers. Training at these institutions is given by multilingual instructors and underwater guides, who are well-acquainted with the underwater world. From delving into unexplored diving sites to easily accessible undersea coral reef, these schools train divers for a breathtaking Kenyan scuba safari experience.