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4 Amazing Theme Parks to Visit with Australia Tour Packages

Lying between the Pacific and Indian oceans, Australia is a land of diverse cultures and welcoming people. Not to forget, this enormous country also houses some of the most fascinating landforms like Uluru – among the biggest monoliths in the world. The largest coral reef ecosystem on the earth is also found here. The country gives so many reasons to globetrotters to come here time and again, and that is why, Australia tour packages are such a hit.

Tourists from around the world visit this country to explore its various attractions but one thing that is often a part of holiday packages in Australia is its state-of-the-art theme parks. Movie World, Sea World, Adventure World and Dream World are such a few places where travellers can discover the thrilling side of the country.

Movie World


Located in Gold Coast, Queensland, Warner Bros. Movie World is a bliss for any movie buff. The slogan of the park says, Hollywood on the Gold Coast, and that is exactly what it is. This movie-themed park has various enthralling rides based on blockbuster movies like Superman and Batman. SCOOBY-DOO Spooky Coaster is a famous ride that excites all. It uses laser lighting, horrifying sound effects and state-of-the-art animatronics to give a unique adrenaline rush to participants. Children will also return pleased from here as numerous sections of the park give them exactly what they want.

Sea World


Perhaps the best place in Australia to learn about the regional marine life is Sea World. This prominent attraction in Gold Coast is among the must-visit attractions while on Australia holidays. The Creatures of the Deep section entertains, as well as educates visitors about some mysterious creatures of the oceans. Visitors can see the antics of the cute, little flightless birds in the Penguin Point area of the park. They can also end their fear of sharks, coming face-to-face with these fierce creatures, in the Shark Bay section. This theme park has an extensive section for kids, including Nickelodeon Land which has kids rides like a mini roller coaster.

Adventure World


One of the most popular cities in Australia, Perth is a regular name in Australia tour packages, and among the various noted tourist spots of this place is Adventure World. Located on the shores of Bibra Lake Reserve, the park is a dream destination for any adventure lover. The Abyss roller coaster is the main attraction here. This steel giant runs up to 85 kmph and guarantees visitors adrenaline rush. Sky Lift, Dragon Express and Aqua Super 6 Racer are some other rides that visitors would love.

Dream World


Among the largest theme parks in the country, Dream World has dozens of rides and attractions, suitable for people of all ages. Tower of Terror II and Buzzsaw are two of the most sought after such rides. While the former is a 100-m free fall, the latter takes riders to astonishing speeds of 105 kmph. The theme park also has a number of eating and shopping points that make it a wholesome outing destination.

To enhance their Australia holidays experience, travellers must give these adventure hubs a visit.