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Explore 2 Amazing Places during Dubai Tour.

Dubai, one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates (UAE), is listed as the 22nd most expensive city in the world. Located on the south-east coast of the Persian Gulf, this glitzy city is most noted for its lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Be it shopping, career-orientation, business or holidays, it beckons travelers from all across the globe. With towering corporate offices, sky-scrapping buildings, scintillating beaches and glittering shopping malls, this place has emerged as one of the top tourist destinations of the world in recent decades. Thus, on a Dubai tour, travelers get fascinated all throughout their stay in the city.

Dubai Packages

Apart from its outstanding architectural marvels, another fact that makes this place unique is the presence of the only seven star hotels in the world. Burj Al Arab, which is a 7-star rated restaurant, is known worldwide for its luxurious services and award-winning décor. So, those who are looking forward to visit this modern masterpiece can avail Dubai packages to come here.

From lofty skyscrapers to breathtaking minarets, amazing theme parks to enthralling desert safaris and lavish shopping to sumptuous dining, this dazzling city is rich in every aspect. There is a lot to explore here as it has something for everyone. Some of the other beautiful attractions that are worth visiting with a Dubai tour package are listed below.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Located at Bur Dubai near Children Park, Dubai Dolphinarium is the first fully air-conditioned indoor aquarium of dolphins in the Middle East. With a vision of creating awareness among masses to protect marine life, this aquarium was opened to public in May 2008. Covering an area of around 5000 sq m, this aquarium serves as a home to five black sea bottlenose dolphin species, including Ksyusha, Tetka, Senya, Jerry and Fekla. Besides, it also provides shelter to four northern fur seals – Lusha, Fila, Max and Ghosa. This aquarium is one of the must-see places during a Dubai tour.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Situated close to Jumeriah, Wild Wadi Water Park is the only themed amusement park in UAE. With 30 adrenaline-rushing rides and 12 acres of liquid fun, this amusement park assures visitors a complete package of fun on their Dubai tour package. The place is also renowned for having the largest water slide of the region. In addition to this, it is also noted for its largest wave pool of the Middle East – Breakers Bay. With oodles of entertainment options, this water theme park is one of those places, where an entire day can be spent while having loads of joy and fun.

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With its complete range of fun-filled activities and awesome entertainment opportunities, this city keep its visitors busy all throughout their holidays. By availing Dubai packages, travellers can visit these 2 above-mentioned places for a wonderful time with their friends and family.


The 4 Most Loved Sports in Dubai

Dubai, one of the biggest urban centers in the world, attracts people for all sorts of purposes. Travelers come here on business due to its bustling financial district; to see some amazing tourist attractions or events related to world politics. In the last 2-3 decades, the city has also started drawing huge crowds because of its rapidly growing sporting culture. Some of the biggest and most famous sports tournaments are organised here, which are generously helping its tourist appeal. Many organisations, including the government-owned Dubai Conventions and Events Bureau list horse racing, lawn tennis, golf, cricket and football as being the most popular ones in the city.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has always been popular in this place and its tournaments draw a huge number of visitors. Some plan holidays to here only to attend the Dubai World Cup, the richest horse racing championship in the world. With a prize money of around USD 10 million in store for the winner, the championship sees heavy participation from around the world. The attendances for individual races are also mind-boggling and most of the times, race courses are jam-packed. There are reports that for every individual race, up to 50000 excited spectators throng the 1-mile long grandstand of Meydan Racecourse, where the event is held.

Lawn Tennis

The emirate is a great place to play tennis and whoever has done it so agrees. Dubai Duty Free is the biggest tennis championship of the city, and it is so well-organised that it has won the ATP World Tour 500 Award 11 times. As per the official website of the championship, more than 115000 tennis enthusiasts attended the event in 2014. In 2013 too, over 100000 spectators flocked to the tennis complex to watch their favorite stars battle it out.


The sport received a boost in popularity here since the Pakistan cricket team started playing their home matches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If an international cricket match is being played in the city while visitors are here during their holiday tours, they may attend it. It would be fun to be a part of the enthusiastic crowd and engage in sporting frenzy with them. The most significant venue for the sport here has a capacity of 25000, approximately. As per the website of Cricket Australia, the Twenty 20 clash between Pakistan and Australia on October 5th 2014 saw the Dubai International Cricket Stadium packed to capacity. The stadium saw similar crowds during the first stage of the 2014 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which was held in the UAE. As per the website of The National, a leading English language newspaper in the Middle East, more than 125000 tickets were booked for five IPL matches at the venue.


Though introduced only recently, it is becoming an important part of the sporting community of the emirate. Trips can be taken to the city between September and May as in this period, many tournaments are organised here due to the favourable weather. The Dubai Desert Classic tournament is played at the Emirates Golf Club between January and February. Part of the European PGA Tour, it is the most famous golfing event here. As per its official website, the 2015 edition of the championship saw a good attendance of 38165. The other significant tournament here is the DP World Tour Championship, which is held at the Earth Golf Course in November.

Not just the attendance, but the golf participation in the city is also witnessing a steady rise. The official publication of Golf Club Managers Association, a British organisation, reports that in March 2012, over 3300 rounds of golf were played at the Majlis course. The CEO of the firm looking after the Emirates and Dubai Creek and Yacht golf clubs said that as of January 2015, more than 400 kids had enrolled at their academies.


As per a government website, football is held in the highest of regards in the city. The UAE Pro League and Challenge Cup are the two most popular football championships that can be attended while on vacations here. While the former tournament stretches on from September to May, the latter is generally organised in December. The Challenge Cup is a series of friendly ties between various international clubs. The website of Dubai Eye 103.8, a local radio talk show, mentions that the 2014 clash between Manchester City F.C and AC Milan F.C at the Rugby Sevens Stadium here was a sell out event. In the recent past, the English Premier League became so popular that a Dubai-based businessman bought the Manchester City FC. Students are also actively participating in the sport and the second edition of the Dubai Schools Football Cup will see participation by 125 teams totalling about 2000 individuals.

The Towering Masterpiece – Burj Khalifa

Dubai is definitely one of the fastest-growing urban centres in the world. It is the second largest and most populous of the seven cities or emirates of the UAE. Situated entirely within the Arabian Desert, it is bordered by the Persian Gulf in the north, Abu Dhabi in its south, Oman in the southeast and Sharjah in the southwest. In the recent years, it has become the financial and entertainment hub of the Middle East. The city was first mentioned in 1095 in the book of an Arab geographer. A Venetian merchant mentioned the city in 1580 for its pearl industry. In 1892, the Emirate came under the control of the British who controlled it till 1971. It started growing rapidly during the 1970s as revenues from the oil trade were put into its development. There is a lot to see here, including its beaches, museums, historical centres and, most importantly, the man-made marvels. Burj Khalifa is one such attraction and almost all Dubai tour packages take people inside this towering piece of architecture.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

It is one of the most-recognised buildings in the world. Standing at over 828 metres, it is the tallest mane-made structure ever built and is also one of the most widely visited. It is constructed using glass and aluminium and is designed to withstand high temperatures and soaring winds. Many records are possessed by it, such the most number of floors at 163, the highest occupied floor at 584.5 metres and the highest observation deck at 452 metres above the ground. Even more interesting is the fact that its inspiration came from traditional Islamic architecture. The tower has 27 step-backs in its exterior, giving it the appearance of a pyramid, with its base wider that the top. A 244-metre high spire tops the 585-metre high building, imparting it a total height of 829.8 metres.

The double-storied basement has spaces for parking vehicles. Floors 1 to 16 and 38 to 39 house the famous Armani Hotel. Residences are present on floors 19 to 37, 44 to 72 and 77 to 108. Floors 111 to 121, 125 to 135 and 139 to 154 have luxurious office suites. Sky lobbies are on storeys 43, 76 and 123, where gyms and jacuzzi are housed. Mechanical spaces on floors 40 to 42, 73 to 75, 109 to 110 136 to 138, 155 and 160 to 163 house the electrical and water supplies and other essential things. The much talked about Atmosphere restaurant is present on floor 122. On the 124th floor is an observation deck, from where tourists can see Dubai and its surrounding areas. Telescopes are available for gazers and they can also step out on the terrace to feel the fresh air. Storeys 150 to 159 have been reserved for communication and broadcasting services. The entire interior of the building is serviced by 57 high-speed lifts and eight escalators.

More Information

Dubai packages take people to Dubai International Airport and to their respective lodgings from there. Observation deck entry fee at Burj Khalifa is AED 125 for people older than 12 years, AED 95 for those between 4 and 12 years of age and nil for children younger than this.

More details about Burj Khalifa can be found at its website: www.burjkhalifa.ae/

Avail Dubai Packages for an Enjoyable Time at the Dubai Zoo

Dubai, an emirate city, is located on the northern coastline of the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, this city has made its mark as one of the major international tourist places to visit. This city offers an array of attractions to its visitors and has an influx of a large number of tourists every year. Some of the famous attractions of this city are Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Mosque, Palm Islands, Wild Wadi Water Park and Jumeirah Beach. Another popular attraction of the city is the Dubai Zoo where people of all age groups enjoy the fullest. If you wish to visit this place, then you can avail Dubai packages offered by various travel portals to come to this city.

About the Zoo

This zoo was built in the year 1967 by Otto J. Bulart on the approval of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the then ruler of Dubai. Since 1971, it is maintained by the management of the city municipality. The zoo underwent renovation from 1986 to 1989, and constant redesigning of the zoo is carried out periodically. The zoo covers an area of two hectares in Jumeirah and is the first of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula to breed rare species of the Gordon wildcat and chimpanzee.

The star attractions of this zoo include Siberian tigers of Eastern Asia, Arabian wolves, gorillas, antelopes and cormorants. Some of the mammals that can be spotted here are bears, giraffes, foxes, deer, chimpanzees, gorillas and hyenas. This zoo also houses more than 400 reptile species and several aerial creatures, such as golden eagles and parrots. Special care has been taken to provide these rare exotic species with a surrounding that is close to their natural ecosystem.

This zoo is a must visit on a trip to this city, especially if there are kids in the group. You can avail Dubai holiday packages on various travel websites that include accommodation, sightseeing and food facilities.

Go Wild at the Wild Wadi Water Park During Your Dubai Tour

Dubai, one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the top tourists destinations in the world. Located on the Persian Gulf coast, this emirate shares borders with other emirates like Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. In the last decade or so, this place has made quite an impact on the world tourism owing to its several structural wonders that are major tourist haunts today. One such place that allures crowds from far and wide is the Wild Wadi Water Park. Located in the vicinity of the grand Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, this water park is a part of the Jumeirah Group, a renowned hotel and resorts chain in this emirate. If you are planning about a holiday in this place, then go for Dubai tour packages available online.

Wild Wadi Water Park

This water park is a theme park, based around the story of Juha, a popular character from the Arabian folklore. Around 30 adrenaline-pumping rides are offered in this family park. Besides these rides, there are multiple water slides, wave pool and two artificial surfing machines in its complex. Till recently, it boasted of one of the largest water slides in the world; however, it was removed to be replaced with two other rides. Another highlight of this water park is an 18 m-high artificial waterfall. In addition to these, the park complex consists of restaurants, snack counters and gift shops.

After a long tiring day at the park, you can choose either to relax in the comforts of your hotel rooms or enjoy the nightlife of this emirate. Since, there is so much to see and do in this place that you will never feel like relaxing. If you have planned to spend some decent time in this picturesque emirate, then you can choose to go for Dubai tour packages.