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Monasteries to Explore While on Ladakh Holidays

Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is famous for its thousands of years-old culture, and unmatchable natural beauty. A large number of travellers come to this scenic expanse, which is characterised by alluring landscapes like pristine lakes. This desert plateau is also home to some of the highest motorable passes on earth. Another thing unique to it as far as India is concerned is the double-humped Bactrian camels, found along the banks of the Nubra River. Being home to numerous monasteries or gompas has earned Ladakh the title, the land of monasteries. Three of the most famous such places that tourists can visit during their Ladakh holidays are described below:


Alchi Monastery

Alchi Monastery is nestled in a small village, called Alchi, which is around 40 km from Leh. Situated on the banks of the Indus River, it is believed to have been built one thousand years ago. It is different from other monastic sites in a way that unlike others that are built on hilltops, it is based on flat ground. There are five shrines in the complex, and one of the walls here has a thousand miniature paintings of Lord Buddha. While exploring the gompa with Ladakh holiday packages, people can see various temples like Vairocana Lhakhang, Jamyang Lhakhang, Lotsava Lhakhang and Sumtseg. Near the monastery are small restaurants and souvenir shops, where vendors welcome tourists with open arms.


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Exploring 3 Man-made Wonders during Australia Holiday

The Commonwealth of Australia, simply referred as Australia, is the sixth largest country in the world on the basis of the total area. The economy of this country is one of the most developed in the world, and the per capita income is the fifth highest here. As a result, the cities here showcase some of the modern and finest structures in the world. People often plan an Australia holiday to explore these man-made wonders, especially those who have a streak for art and architecture. From unique architectural style to ingenious designs, these structures are often called the landmarks of the Land Down Under. Here is a list of such three attractions in this country that should not be missed in the Australia holiday package booked by travellers.

The Great Ocean Road

Listed in as an Australian National Heritage, the Great Ocean Road is a stretch of around 243 km road along the coast of Australia. It starts from at Torquay and ends at Allansford, and goes through the Victorian cities of both these places. Built by the returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932, this stretch is dedicated to the fellow soldiers, who died in the World War I. It is unique in a way as not many roads amicably hug the sea coasts. While enjoying a ride here, travellers can enjoy the picturesque views of the scenic surrounding, including the Twelve Apostles and rainforests. They can also spend some quality time amidst nature on the golden beaches here. There are a number of fishing beaches in the region that can be explored to see the lifestyle of locals.

Sydney Opera House

One can easily call Sydney Opera House the landmark of Australia. There is an interesting story behind the construction of this architectural marvel that started in the year 1957 and completed in 1973. Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect, presented the design of this amazing piece of art in an international competition and won it. The construction started following this incidence, but was stopped in the middle due to some financial and technical issues. However later, it was restarted, and now the world can see the farsightedness of Jorn Utzon. He is one the rare artists, whose structure has been recognised as a World Heritage Site during his lifetime. It hosts plays, musical concerts, and exhibitions throughout the year that can be attended by tourists during their holiday in Australia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Situated along the Sydney Opera House, this bridge is affectionately called the Coathanger. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, constructed around four decades before the opera house, is one of the largest steel arch bridges all around the world. Travellers can plan an ascent to the top of this bridge to see panoramic views of the city and harbour. Pictures at this bridge with the city in the backdrop can be one of the best memories of Australia holidays.

Travellers can book Australia holiday package to explore these amazing man-made structures.

Vistara Offers Coming Soon

Vistara is a full-service carrier that recently started business in the Indian skies. It operates under the company established as a result of the joint venture between the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines (SIA). The announcement regarding the launch of this airline was made back in 2013, and finally the news regarding the merger came in September, 2014. Most legal procedures were done by then, and it also applied for the Air Operator Permit (AOP) in the month of April. However, legal formalities took quite some time, and it finally received the permit in the month of December, after successfully conducting assigned flight tests in the presence of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) authorities. It launched the first commercial flight on January 9, 2015 on the Delhi and Mumbai route. This full-service carrier aims at providing high quality services on cheap air tickets.

The second destination to be served by the airline is Ahmedabad, followed by many other Tier II and III cities. Currently, it is operating with two Airbus A320, but will soon receive the delivery of 18 more models, including Neos. Vistara has taken 20 models on lease, and the delivery of these is scheduled this year. As per reports, the airline plans to operate around 87 flights in the first year of operation and increase it up to around 300 in the coming three years. In addition to this, it is planning to operate most of its flights from the hub at Delhi to Goa, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Patna, Ahmedabad, Srinagar and Jammu.

With the increase in operations, the number of Vistara offers is also expected to rise in the coming years. This carrier marks the return of the Tata Group into the aviation industry after six decades. It is expected that the success history may be repeated as market situations are quite favourable. For instance, the cut down in the price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) and increase in the demand. In addition to this, the expertise of the partner SIA may prove to be of great help. The new pricing strategy and introduction of Premium Economy Class are already giving this airline an edge over its competitors.

Booking Cheap Flights Tickets with Vistara airlines

The Tata and Singapore Airlines (SIA) joint venture, Vistara opened its booking option just a few days back. Now, one more option has been added in the list for travellers Vistara Flight Ticket booking  to Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and several other destinations of India. It start it’s first operation today i.e 9th of January on the Delhi and Mumbai route, followed by the third destination – Ahmedabad. The Indian conglomerate Tata and SIA own 51 and 49 per cent shares in the company, respectively. Industry experts are of opinion that the carrier will benefit from the business skills of the former one and experience of the latter one in the aviation industry. This full-service carrier created many headlines since the announcement was made regarding the set up in India.

Vistara airlines ticket

Experts are of the opinion that prices of air fares will come down in the coming months because of the increased competition. Not only full-fledged airlines, but low-cost carriers (LCCs) like SpiceJet, IndiGo and GoAir are gearing up for the coming competitive phase of the industry. It is also offering a frequent flyer programme for its customers, but points will be credited on the basis of money spent instead of flying miles. This Tata – SIA venture announced opening of bookings just a few days after it received the Air Operator Permit (AOP) by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The airline will launch its first flight to Gujarat (following Delhi and Mumbai) before the Vibrant Gujrat festival; hence, people looking forward towards this summit can make booking with Vistara. Other destinations may be added very in the coming future, including Jaipur, Patna, Srinagar, and Pune Hyderabad flights. You can also check Vistara airlines offers times to time as the Airline offers for it’s promotion.

It will be using two Airbus A320 models to carry passengers, and soon will take delivery of 18 more aircraft, including Neos. New destinations will be added in the booking list with arrival of models due for delivery. As per experts, the airline may get benefits of the current market scenario as one of the competitors cancelled hundreds of flights due to fuel constraint in the past few days.

Changes in Delhi-Mumbai Air India Flight

The flag carrier of India – Air India – is making changes in resource allocation to meet huge demand in this peak season. As per reports, the carrier recently deployed Boeing 777-300 on the busiest Delhi and Mumbai route to manage the influx of people due to ongoing festivities. Now, a higher number of passengers can be carried to or from these destinations with each Air India flight on this route. As per reports, Dubai is among top favourite destinations of this year; hence, larger aircraft have replaced the previous ones on the Delhi-Dubai route also. This airline currently serves around 90 destinations with hundreds of flights every day. It is expected that the airline may be adding capacity on busy routes in the near future.

As per reports, these changes will be applied till mid-January because the number of people coming back from their New Year trip may keep the demand quite high. The Boeing 777-300 ER, to be deployed on the Delhi and Mumbai route, can carry 342 passengers in one go. Keeping in mind that Goa is popular destination during Christmas as well as New Year, it will added as an extended halt on this route. A number of SpiceJet operations were cancelled due to several reasons, and many travellers were looking forward to other options in these last moments. As per experts, this capacity addition will certainly be of some use for them. In addition to this, the national airline is also trying to connect small cities and business centres to metro hubs, and operates Varanasi to Delhi, Pantnagar to Mumbai and Belgaum Mumbai flights in addition to many other domestic routes.

Air India has come forward as rescuer for people who made all plans, but could not find flights, as many were cancelled after bookings. Apart from increasing availability, the central government may be putting cap on airfares in the coming years in order regulate flight ticket prices. Industry watchers observed hike of around 30 to 40 per cent in the past few days. The cost of making reservation can go even higher, and for interest of travellers, the government may apply changes as soon as possible.

Air Booking Trends in the Festive Season

The travel industry has undergone significant changes in the past few years as per several reports. Air booking has doubled itself in this festive season when compared to the data of previous year. According to experts, people want to the grab discount and offers rolled out carriers. The number of domestic flight bookings is quite high in this Christmas and New Year. Several reports state that 73 per cent growth has been observed in the flight booking in the time period between December and January.

Prior to this, the yearly growth in the month of November was also quite high. People had to travel to their homes for the celebration of Deewali. Surprisingly, apart from metro and Tier I cities, the number of flights to Lucknow, Jaipur, Kochi and other Tier II cities was also recorded quite high. Airlines also introduced schemes to capitalise the demand in the market and this lead to increase of over 40 per cent in the flight seat reservation. Currently, the cost of making reservation on popular routes like Delhi or Mumbai to Goa is costlier than it was in the year 2013, while in October and November, it was 10 per cent lower. Raining offers and discounts along with capacity addition by carriers is expected to be one of the reasons behind this reduction in the cost.

Most of these offers were rolled out in the month of July-August as they are valid for a future time period. Similarly, airlines offered their seats at subsidised prices in the month of September-October for the Christmas travel. Apart from these festive seasons, airlines offered discounts in the lean seasons also to boost up the sale. This allowed travellers to get year around discount, making their travel trips cost efficient. Apart from industry experts, research carried out by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) also hinted towards growth in the number of domestic fliers in the coming years. Hence, people planning for a vacation can wait as airlines will come up with attractive offers in order take advantage of the market situations.

Remembering Lincoln

The US is considered the most powerful country in the world and is the only super power. This country was originally inhabited by the natives, who in the contemporary world are known as Red Indians. In 16th century AD, the British protestants, fearing prosecution at the hands of Mary I of England, fled and came to North America to start anew. In 1776, 13 colonies declared independence from England and the USA was born. For a while, everything went fine, until the outbreak of the Civil War. The rebellion was raised by the northern states against colonies of the south that were infamous for using Africans as slaves. Fought between 1861 and 1865, the war ended with the loss of the confederation of the south and led to the abolition of slavery. Abraham Lincoln led the Northern Union to victory and was hailed as a national hero. The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated to him and is visited by many tourists as part of their USA tours.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is situated in Washington DC, the capital of the United States. It was built in the shape of a Greek temple between 1914 and 1922. Located in the West End, the monument covers an area of around 2539 sq. metres. The entire structure is made of marble, mined from the state of Colorado. It is around 189 metres in length, 118 metres in breadth and 99 metres in height. There are 36 marble pillars, symbolising the 36 states, which were part of the country when Lincoln died. The 44 feet high and 7.5 feet wide columns are not straight, but slightly inclined towards the interior. Names of the 36 states and their date of incorporation into the country are inscribed on the wall above the pillars. Above them, on the same wall, are names of 48 American states, which existed when the memorial was dedicated. To top these is a garland made of plaster. A huge park with a pool leads to the memorial via a flight of stairs.

Twelve 50 feet high pillars divide the interior into three chambers. There are four such pillars in each row. Chambers to the north and south feature inscriptions of two of the speeches delivered by him in his lifetime. Law, justice, freedom, liberty and immortality, all personified as humans, are painted on the southern wall of the monument. Similarly, personifications of unity, charity and fraternity are drawn on the northern wall. Bronze bars support the 60-metre high ceiling, which is decorated with oak leaves. Panels of Alabama marble, smeared with paraffin, are inserted between these bars to increase their translucency.

The Statue

In the central chamber is a mammoth statue of the American hero. He is shown sitting on a bench and in deep thought. Its height is 19 feet from head to toe while the width is the same. The 175-ton statue is made of white marble from and was assembled with 28 individual pieces. Marble for making the 10 feet high, 17 feet long and 16 feet wide pedestal was brought from Tennessee. This beautiful piece of architecture can be visited by travellers as part of their Washington tour packages.

An Expedition to the Karnak Temple Complex

Egypt was the origin site of one of the earliest civilisations in the world. Settlements here have been dated back to 5500 BC, based on archaeological findings. The kingdom of the Pharaohs was established in around 3100 BC, with the historic unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. Thereon, the godsons ruled the land till the Persian conquest in 5th century BC. After that, the land of the Nile was ruled by Mesopotamians, Romans and Arab Muslims. During the ancient kingdom, many architectural masterpieces like the Pyramids, Valleys of the Kings and Queens, Abu Simbel and Karnak were built. People during Egypt holidays like visiting these world-famous tourist attractions.

Karnak Temple Complex

Karnak Temple Complex
Karnak Temple Complex

According to reports, it is the second most-visited site in the country, after the Pyramids of Giza. Ruins of temples, pylons and chapels are housed inside the premises. Senusret, a ruler of the Middle Kingdom, started building it in 19th century BC.


Most of the buildings were built during the time of the New Kingdom. The temples here are dedicated to Amun-Re, the head of the Theban Triad.


There are three precincts in the complex, which are dedicated to Amun-Re, Mut and Montu. The fourth area here is the temple of Amenhotep IV, who is better known as Akhenaten. Of these four sections, only the precinct of Amun-Re is open to public and has become the international face of the monument.

Precinct of Amun-Re

It is the largest section inside the premises, measuring about 250000 sq. m in area. The east-west axis and south-west corner of the section are open to the general public. Its entry is through a quay, which was used to dock ships, but now remains dry as Nile has changed its course. There are six pylons in the section that are high gateways into the complex. These pylons have two high towers connected by a lower structure. The first of them, which was constructed during the time of the 22nd dynasty, is 113 metres wide and 15 metres thick. Another pylon was erected by Horemheb and decorated by him and Ramesses I. Amenhotep III built the third pylon and the fourth and fifth ones were built by Thutmose I.

A kiosk, which is a small and enclosed garden, was in the forecourt and only one pillar pertaining to it survives today that is inscribed by Taharqa, Psamtik II and Ptolemy IV. To the south of it is the temple of Ramesses III, with inscriptions depicting the king executing his prisoners, with Amun overlooking the action. A large yard, called The Great Hypostyle Hall, has 133 towering pillars in 16 rows and is widely visited by tourists. Thutmose I also built one of the obelisks inside the premises while the other was erected by Hatshepsut. The king recorded his tributes in the hall of records, which is entered by the sixth gateway, constructed by Thutmose III. Other structures here are the sanctuary of Philip II and the festive hall of Thutmose III. A tour package including a visit to this complex can be chosen by visitors who want to sample the ancient Egyptian architecture.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden in Mauritius

Travellers, who are planning to go for international tour packages from India for the upcoming vacations, might want to consider the picturesque nation of Mauritius. This island country is located in the Indian Ocean around 2000 kilometres off the southern coast of the African continent and is a popular tourist destination. Soaring hills, expansive sandy beaches, pristine water bodies and lush green tropical forests characterize the landscape of this island. Visited by people from different parts of the world for its spellbinding topography, this isle is an ideal getaway for all – peace seekers, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers. There is an array of attractions at this mesmerising location, such as Flic-en-Flac, Black River Gorges National Park, Tamarind Falls, Ganga Talao, Jummah Masjid, Blue Penny Museum and Pieter Both. One of the most prominent tourist attractions here is the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden.


Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, which is known as SSR Botanical Garden, is one of the most prominent tourist attractions situated in Pamplemousses, which is near Port Louis in Mauritius. Established in the late years of 17th century, SSR is the most primitive botanical garden across the southern parts. It was first laid by Pierre Poivre somewhere around the year 1770. The park was named as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden after its first Prime Minister in the year 1988. Today, it stretches over an area of more than 35 hectares. One of the most prominent highlights of this sprawling grassland is the Victoria Amazonica – a large pond of giant water lilies.


Victoria Amazonica
Victoria Amazonica

Other major attractions here are trees planted by eminent personalities of the world, such as Princess Margaret, Indira Gandhi, Countess of Snowdown, Robert Mugabe and Francois Mitterrand. Besides, there are varieties of spices, sugar canes and ebonies in addition to ornamental plants and flowers. There are many ornamental plants and flowers as well. More than 85 varieties of palms from Asia, Central America and Africa are also seen here. The SSR was originally laid out as a nursery for the acclimatisation of potential crop plants from different parts of the world. The grasslands were given the status of Botanical Garden under the directorship of a well-known botanist.

This place is an ideal getaway for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, botanists and peace seekers. People can laze around at the beautifully manicured lush green grasslands amidst vibrant colours of floral plants. They can take leisurely strolls at this tropical paradise and enjoy a complete urban detox amidst verdant environs. Due to rich vegetation and pristine water bodies inside the complex, this place is home to vivid birds and animals. Butterflies, bees, rabbits and squirrels can be spotted all-year round. Though there are no herbariums or glass houses at this lawn, it is still considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens of the world and is a must-visit site. Guides are available on site to provided assistance in exploring this exquisite grassland. Those who are planning for Mauritius holidays cannot miss to visit this sprawling nest of nature.