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3 Destinations to Explore during Sri Lanka tours

Officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, this country is regarded by many travellers as a paradise. Situated on a giant tectonic plate, called the Indian Plate, it shares its maritime borders with India in the north and northwest, and Maldives in the southwest. The best way to describe Sri Lanka is a land full of endless beaches, hospitable people, rolling surf, timeless ruins, herds of elephants, delicious food and tea. Travellers can pack their itinerary with all these myriad appeals of Sri Lanka tours, but listed below are three of the most incredible places to visit here.


Located approximately 205 km northwest of Colombo, this city lies on the banks of the Malvathu Oya river. It has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for being one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and for well-preserved architectural ruins. The ruins are clear reminders of its status as the centre of power for more than 1300 years. A poya or religious celebration is one of the best times to visit this place during Sri Lanka tour packages. Lit with lanterns and candles, the temples, streets and courtyards in the city offer a magical journey down the lanes of history. Stupas, monasteries, temples, gardens, rock shelters, sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities, and Sandakada Pahana – unique features of local architecture – are some things to see here.

Yala National Parkyala-national-park-srilankaSpread over 979 sq km, this park is located about 300 km from Colombo. Known to have one the highest numbers of leopards in the world, this protected area attracts a lot of photographers and biologists. Although travellers can book safari rides, cycling can be a better means to explore the territory. Visitors can start their journey right at dawn along the B35 road, going through the park, to see myriad sights of wildlife from water buffaloes and giant squirrels to mongooses and crocodiles. Here, travellers will be required to follow certain rules to respect the natural habitat of the animals. Carrying food and drugs, firearms, smoking, wearing a strong perfume or odour, and mobiles in vibration mode are strictly prohibited in the park.

Sigiriya Rock FortressSigiriya-Rock-Fortress-srilanka

Sri Lanka holiday packages may not be complete without a visit to the ancient ruins of the approximately 200-metres high cliff, housing Sigiriya rock fortress. Situated in the Matale district in the Central Province, this is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. Most historical records credit its construction to King Kashyapa I, who ruled here in 5th century BC. The most striking part of the fortress is a pair of giant paws of a lion, which guards the staircase leading to the summit. A good way to see ancient graffiti, views of the idyllic countryside, colourful frescoes, water reservoirs and landscaped gardens, is climbing the rocky footsteps to the top. The mirror wall, which was extensively polished in the olden days for the monarchs to see their reflection, is an intriguing site within the fortress.

These are three marvellous sites to explore during Sri Lanka holidays to learn about the history and wildlife of this island country.


Visit Breathtaking Waterfalls with Switzerland Holidays

Extending across the northern and southern part of the Alps, Switzerland is situated in Western Europe. The country shares its borders with France, Germany, Austria and Italy. It is famous for its picture-perfect setting that features the magnificent Swiss Alps, lush valleys and serene lakes. The southern part of the country has some of the best waterfalls amid the rugged mountain range that are often visited by tourists during the Switzerland holidays. Here is a list of some of such waterfalls that are jewels of this country.

Trümmelbach Falls


Roaring, gurgling, loud thundering with churning and foaming water are some of the adjectives that best describe Trümmelbach Falls. It is one of the largest subterranean waterfalls in Europe, located in the valley of 72 waterfalls – Lauterbrunnen Valley. To reach this glacial waterfall, travellers have to go through underground lifts, tunnels, pathways and galleries. The main source of this fall is water melting from the glaciers Monch, Jungfrau and Eiger. It is said that around 20000 litres of water is melt in just one second. The entire valley echoes the sound of gushing water, boulders and scree when water melts at the glaciers. Travellers can easily hike along vertical rock formations with water flowing past them in a rushing pace. The illuminated underground parts provide the most striking sights with imposing rock formations that are around 100 metres high.

Staubbach Falls

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

The Switzerland holiday packages is incomplete without a trip to Staubbach Falls, which is regarded as one of the highest free-falling falls in the world. A mist of spray is the perfect way to illustrate the legacy of these falls. Located at Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Bernese Oberland, this waterfall is around 300 metre tall, and it drops straight from the cliffs into the Lütschine River. In springs, when the winds swirl the waters around the mountain, the falls spread the spray in every direction. This is the reason it is often called Staub, which literally means dust in German. Owing to its incredible height, this fall presents a spellbinding sight as the water gushes down in the form of liquid dust.

Reichenbach Falls


Located in the south of Meiringen, the Rosenlaui Glacier is the source of two beautiful natural attractions – Glacier Gorge Rosenlaui and Reichenbach Falls. The melting waters of the glacier flows with a thundering sound through the ravine, which is enclosed by an 80-metre high rock faces. It has been immortalised by many painters, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – the writer of fictional series Sherlock Holmes – also mentioned it in his book. With a drop of approximately 250 metres, these falls present a vision of white powder falling from the sky.

Travellers are suggested to explore these picturesque spots during their Switzerland tours.

3 Naturalistic Sites to Explore with Singapore Holidays

A global city-state in Southeast Asia, the Republic of Singapore is often called The Garden City, owing to its abundant natural beauty. The main territory of the city consists of a diamond-shaped island, popularly called Singapore Island, and many smaller islets. Parks and nature reserves constitute nearly 10 per cent of its land area. Its people have been successful in improving their urban lifestyle, without damaging the natural surroundings. These parks and nature reserves can be included in the itinerary, when planning Singapore holidays. Three amazing naturalistic sites in the city-state are Pulau Ubin, the city zoo and the botanical gardens.


Pulau Ubin

Travellers can catch a bumboat from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal to reach the peaceful shores of Pulau Ubin. The stroll through this island village takes them back to the Singapore of the 60s, owing to its slow pace and simple pleasures of life. A day trip to this place is often included in Singapore tour packages, available with different online travel agencies (OTAs). Visitors can choose to either walk or pedal down the serene roads, lined with swaying coconut palms. They can explore the shady trails in its rubber plantations, mangroves and secluded beaches. With fresh air, delicious cuisine, and soothing sounds and sights, this place calms mind and soul.

Singapore Zoo


Singapore tours may seem incomplete without a visit to the city zoo. Established in the year 1973, this zoological park is famous for its wildlife settings, where animals can roam freely in their natural habitats. Elevated platforms have been installed to allow visitors to see giraffes. Different underwater galleries provide tourists a glimpse of marine life with otters, giant estuarine crocodiles and pygmy hippos swimming around. Predatory cheetahs and lions can be witnessed safely from special glass observation panels.

Encompassing different wildlife habitats of the world, the zoo has exhibits like savannah grasslands of Africa and rough canyons of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Fragile Forest has pathways, where people can walk to do incredibly intimate interactions with animals. The Elephants at Work and Play Show features the animals, carrying massive logs and spraying water from their trunks. With goals of preserving the biodiversity, this zoo not only educates travellers about appreciating the animals, but also teaches to respect them in their natural surroundings.

Singapore Botanic Gardens


Fostering agricultural development, the 74-hectare Singapore Botanic Gardens holds a significant place in the hearts of nature lovers. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, these gardens attract casual visitors, horticulture experts, biologists and photographers. Its landscape consisting of greenery, along with the serene surroundings of Swan Lake, provides a tranquil environment. The gardens house more than 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids. People can also visit Ginger Garden, home to around 250 members of the Zingiberaceae species of plants. The primeval rainforest in these gardens contains over 300 types of plants, with some that are rare in Singapore.

These are the three informative naturalistic places to explore during Singapore holidays.

Exploring New 7 Wonders of the World with World Tour Packages

The world is dotted with numerous alluring sites, enough to make its people spellbound. It can be tough to decide which attractions to explore and which ones to miss on. Hence, visiting the best of the world would be a great idea. Here are seven wonders that travel enthusiasts must visit with world tour packages.

Christ the Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro, a huge seaside city in Brazil, is famed for its 38-metre high statue – Christ the Redeemer. Overlooking the city, this art deco statue of Jesus Christ is located atop 700-metre high Mountain Corcovado. Made of the reinforced concrete and soapstone tiles, it is a symbol of Christianity across the world.

Great Wall of China


A great piece of work from Ming Dynasty, this stretch is more than 20000 km long. Made of brick, tamped earth, stone, wood and many other materials, this magnificent wall was built to protect its empire from various raids and invasions. This series of fortification is constructed along the east to west line across the historical borders of the country.

Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu, a rock citadel from Inca civilisation, is situated on the ridge of the Andes Range, in Peru. The name consists of two words – Machu and Picchu – that means old and peak, respectively. This site features the Intiwatana Sundial that was used in religious ceremonies for tracking the path of the Sun. Declared a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary and UNESCO-listed site, it can be one of the most interesting attractions on your world tour packages from India.



A fine example of the Hellenistic architecture, Petra is known to exist from the 1st century BC that used to serve as the capital of the Nabataean Empire. However later, it got annexed to the Roman empire, until the massive destructions that occurred because of the earthquake. This half-built, half-carved, rugged city has still got secrets to reveal, which attracts history lovers from all across the globe.

Pyramid at Chichen Itza


The literal translation of Chichen Itza is, at the mouth of the well of Itza.  This Mayan Temple is situated in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. One of its various structures is the Kukulkan Pyramid, also known as El Castillo. Consisting 91 steps on each side and one on the top that makes a total of 365 steps, this site was used as the Maya calendar and for predicting the solar eclipses.



An oval amphitheatre, Colosseum is situated in the centre of Italy. Showcasing an ingenious architecture and engineering work, it is said to be the largest amphitheatre in the world. Originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, it is among the most recognisable classical structures in the world. This ages-old amphitheatre can accommodate around 60000 seats, 10000 standing stalls and 80 entrances.

Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal, indeed a legend of the eternal love of Emperor Shahjahan, is also a UNESCO-listed site. Standing majestically on the banks of the River Yamuna, this structure looks stunning on the full-moon night, making the moment and the air romantic. Shining white marble building, precious gemstones and exquisite ornamentation, makes this place standalone.

Visiting these New 7 Wonders of the World with International holiday packages would be a unique experience to have.

3 Breathtaking Islands of Philippines to Explore with World Tour Packages from India

Philippines – the land of 7107 islands – is a sovereign country in Southeast Asia. Manila, the national capital, and Quezon are the most populous cities of the country. In around 25000 BC, people from the Asian mainland arrived here and today, it is now the largest Christian country in Asia and the third largest Catholic nation in the world. Throughout the year, the country hosts festivals and events, of which Ibon Ebon, Sinukwan, Giant Lantern and Moriones are quite popular. The place is famous for sparkling white beaches, towering volcanoes, curvaceous mountains and bustling metro cities. Travellers can look for world tour packages from India, which would bring them to the isles of Boracay, Puerto Galera and Malapascua as they are wonderful beach destinations.


It is a small isle, approximately 401 kilometres south of the national capital of Manila. The place is regarded as one of the best locations among tourists to relax by the calm sea. It stretches for 7.4 kilometres in length, and it is famous for white seashells. Travellers, seeking tranquillity or a vibrant nightlife, can opt for the world tour packages from India, which include Boracay in their itineraries. Apart from beaches, it is also a renowned spot for scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite boarding, cliff diving and parasailing. Tourists can also attend events like Ati-Atihan festival and Boracay international festival. The home of the Ati tribe, this island is a secluded spot, which travellers can explore with their world tour packages. There are numerous spas here for tourists to get relaxing massages from expert masseurs and masseuses. For those who love to capture breathtaking natural scenes, this is an ideal place as the sunsets and sunrises here are quite picturesque. Visitors can also explore volcanic caves and remote coves near Boracay.

Puerto Galera

This island is approximately 130 kilometres from Manila, and it lies on the south-western tip of the Isla Verde Passage. The terms Puerto and Galera are Spanish words that mean port of the galleons. Travellers can have one of the best swimming experiences here, as the sea around the island is shallow and generally calm. A biosphere reserve of UNESCO since 1973, this place also features some of the best coral reefs in Asia. While exploring this destination with their world tour packages from India, visitors may taste some of the best seafood dishes, made from trumpet fish, frogfish, lionfish and leaf fish. White Beach and Sabang Beach are the most popular tourist spots here. For a memorable stay, tourists can opt for those world tour packages, which include accommodation in luxurious local beach resorts.

Malapascua Island

This island lies in the Visayan Sea, and politically it is on the northern tip of the province of Cebu. It is quite a small isle, stretching for only about 2 km in length and roughly 1 km in width. The name Malapascua is believed to refer to its founding by the Spanish, who are thought to have landed here on a stormy Christmas night in the 1500s. The people of this island depend on tourism, boat industry, fishing and coconut plantations for their livelihood. Tourists can explore its mesmerising white sandy beaches, relax in the shade of palm trees, or venture into the clear blue water. Travellers can also go for a pleasant stroll across the island, if their world tour packages from India, are bringing them here. Thresher sharks and manta rays are the most prominent fish that you may spot near the island.

If the world tour packages, availed by vacationers have these three islands in their itinerary, then they are sure to have amazing beach holidays in the country.

The 4 Most Loved Sports in Dubai

Dubai, one of the biggest urban centers in the world, attracts people for all sorts of purposes. Travelers come here on business due to its bustling financial district; to see some amazing tourist attractions or events related to world politics. In the last 2-3 decades, the city has also started drawing huge crowds because of its rapidly growing sporting culture. Some of the biggest and most famous sports tournaments are organised here, which are generously helping its tourist appeal. Many organisations, including the government-owned Dubai Conventions and Events Bureau list horse racing, lawn tennis, golf, cricket and football as being the most popular ones in the city.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has always been popular in this place and its tournaments draw a huge number of visitors. Some plan holidays to here only to attend the Dubai World Cup, the richest horse racing championship in the world. With a prize money of around USD 10 million in store for the winner, the championship sees heavy participation from around the world. The attendances for individual races are also mind-boggling and most of the times, race courses are jam-packed. There are reports that for every individual race, up to 50000 excited spectators throng the 1-mile long grandstand of Meydan Racecourse, where the event is held.

Lawn Tennis

The emirate is a great place to play tennis and whoever has done it so agrees. Dubai Duty Free is the biggest tennis championship of the city, and it is so well-organised that it has won the ATP World Tour 500 Award 11 times. As per the official website of the championship, more than 115000 tennis enthusiasts attended the event in 2014. In 2013 too, over 100000 spectators flocked to the tennis complex to watch their favorite stars battle it out.


The sport received a boost in popularity here since the Pakistan cricket team started playing their home matches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If an international cricket match is being played in the city while visitors are here during their holiday tours, they may attend it. It would be fun to be a part of the enthusiastic crowd and engage in sporting frenzy with them. The most significant venue for the sport here has a capacity of 25000, approximately. As per the website of Cricket Australia, the Twenty 20 clash between Pakistan and Australia on October 5th 2014 saw the Dubai International Cricket Stadium packed to capacity. The stadium saw similar crowds during the first stage of the 2014 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which was held in the UAE. As per the website of The National, a leading English language newspaper in the Middle East, more than 125000 tickets were booked for five IPL matches at the venue.


Though introduced only recently, it is becoming an important part of the sporting community of the emirate. Trips can be taken to the city between September and May as in this period, many tournaments are organised here due to the favourable weather. The Dubai Desert Classic tournament is played at the Emirates Golf Club between January and February. Part of the European PGA Tour, it is the most famous golfing event here. As per its official website, the 2015 edition of the championship saw a good attendance of 38165. The other significant tournament here is the DP World Tour Championship, which is held at the Earth Golf Course in November.

Not just the attendance, but the golf participation in the city is also witnessing a steady rise. The official publication of Golf Club Managers Association, a British organisation, reports that in March 2012, over 3300 rounds of golf were played at the Majlis course. The CEO of the firm looking after the Emirates and Dubai Creek and Yacht golf clubs said that as of January 2015, more than 400 kids had enrolled at their academies.


As per a government website, football is held in the highest of regards in the city. The UAE Pro League and Challenge Cup are the two most popular football championships that can be attended while on vacations here. While the former tournament stretches on from September to May, the latter is generally organised in December. The Challenge Cup is a series of friendly ties between various international clubs. The website of Dubai Eye 103.8, a local radio talk show, mentions that the 2014 clash between Manchester City F.C and AC Milan F.C at the Rugby Sevens Stadium here was a sell out event. In the recent past, the English Premier League became so popular that a Dubai-based businessman bought the Manchester City FC. Students are also actively participating in the sport and the second edition of the Dubai Schools Football Cup will see participation by 125 teams totalling about 2000 individuals.

The Religiously Magnificent Dubai

As in the Middle East, Islam is the chief religion in UAE and in Dubai, one of its Emirates. Among the faith, the Sunni community with is the largest sub-sect while the rest belong to the Shia community. Christianity is the next biggest religion in the megacity and it is followed in all of the main churches – Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. In the recent times, the country has seen a heavy migration from India that has contributed in the development of Hinduism and Jainism there. Towering hotels and residential buildings, museums, theme parks and shopping malls may all be impressive, but so are a lot of religious sites.

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque Dubai
Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque, located on Ali Bin Abu Taleb Street, overlooking the Creek, is the centre of Islamic faith in the city. It was first constructed as a school in 1900, and demolished and remade in 1960. This mosque is among the largest in the megacity and is an important local landmark. Its biggest feature is its 70-metre high minaret that is apparently the tallest in the emirate. Another interesting thing about the site is that its grey stone-walls are mostly undecorated. As devotees ascend a flight of stairs and reach the main entrance, they see Quranic inscriptions above the pillars. The entire roof of this majestic site is dotted with 54 domes, of which, 45 are small and the remaining 9 are large. The windows, made of wood, are laid with beautiful stained-glass, apparently created by hand. In one sitting, the main prayer hall, inside the building, can accommodate about 1200 people. Non-muslims are not allowed to enter inside, but they can take photos of the minaret.

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque
Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

The Al Farooq Khattab Mosque is another impressive religious place in Dubai. It is located in the Al Safa locality about 1 block from the Jumeirah Beach. The site is named after Umar, the second Caliph and successor of Mohammed. Built in 1968, it has been renovated twice, first in 2003 and then, more recently in 2011. It is considered as one of the largest Islamic shrines in the UAE with its area of 93,400 square feet. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey is the architectural inspiration for it. Its entrance is dominated by arches and pillars, above which, blue tiles are laid for adorning. The pools of the fountains in the courtyard are shaped like a star and are inlaid with blue tiles as well. Four towers, each 65 metres high, are built on its four corners. Its central prayer hall is covered with golden and red coloured carpet and can seat about 2000 people at a time. There are 21 domes on its terrace and its walls are carved with 121 windows of stained glass. In addition to the prayer hall, the complex includes a library, containing 4000 books, lecture hall, classrooms and the residence of the imam.

Guru Nanak Durbar

Guru Nanak Durbar
Guru Nanak Durbar

Guru Nanak Durbar, located in Jebel Ali area, is a magnificent Gurdwara in Dubai. Opened for public in 2012 it has become a significant place of worship for Sikhs in the UAE and the Middle East. It is not built in the traditional Gurdwara style and the effect of contemporary aesthetics is clearly apparent. Built on a plot measuring 25000 sq feet, the building is surrounded by water pools with light blue panels on its base. There are two floors here and two basements making it a multi-storey establishment. Its two entrances have wash rooms, places to keep shoes. Its amazing staircase is flanked by tall windows, decorated with stained glass, that give the interiors a beautiful aura. Each of the two basements has a parking space for roughly 100 cars. On the ground floor, measuring about 21000 sq feet, are kitchens, a gigantic dining hall, store rooms and pantries. The second floor houses the shrine and the sacred text around which a passage, bordered by grills allows for circumambulation. In the centre of the carpeted hall, the ceiling takes the shape of a dome that is illuminated with small and big chandeliers. Adjacent to this chamber is a banquet hall that is used for weddings and can service to 600 incumbents at once.

Gorging on Italian and French Delicacies

A world tour package can be made a lot better by sampling the cuisine of the countries that are being covered. Each country has a different set of dishes, which in many ways define it. Eating the local dishes really helps to experience and learn about the lifestyle of the region. The biggest factor, which shapes up the food of an area are the ingredients, which are locally found there. For instance, a certain set of vegetables and fruits may grow in a region, which shapes its menu. Among the most celebrated in the world, is the cuisine of the European continent. The dishes here are a mix of traditional nomadic style of cooking, modern and sometimes unique ways of presentations. Most high-profile chefs, across the globe, aspire to excel in the cooking style of the continent. Meat is perhaps the most widely consumed food item in the entire region, with every country having its own special way of preparing and eating it.


French cuisine is perhaps the most celebrated in the entire world. The French food obtains its status from the level of finesse, which is required to bring the dishes together. The secret of French cooking according to experts is the generous use of butter. Among the most well-known food items from this country are the onion soup and fondue. Crepes, a sort of pancakes, made of flour and shallow fried in butter are also widely consumed. They can be eaten as a breakfast dish or at supper with accompaniments like nutella and maple syrup.

However, the single biggest contribution of France to the world in gastronomical terms is wine. Every wine-producing region of the country has a different product, the taste and texture of which, is governed by the altitude, climate and the types of grapes used. Burgundy, Bordeaux, Chardonnay and Cabernet are some prominent red wines while Champaign and Sauvignon Blanc are the popular white varieties.


The most popular food after France is that of Italy, which is consumed across continents and has become a brand. Unlike the former, the Italians bank on taste and hearty portions of food. The various types of cuisine in the country are known as Venetian, Tuscan, Sicilian and others classified according to the regions. Aglioeolio, meaning garlic and oil is the starting point for the majority of Italian dishes. Tomatoes, pepper and salt are added to this base to make the signature Italian Marinara sauce. Pizzas and pastas are well-known throughout the world and are eaten in huge amounts by people. Penn, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Ravioli, Tortellini and Macaroni are some popular pasta shapes.

Another item which Italy is known for is cheese, which also comes in different varieties. Like wine, it is too governed by altitude, climate, type of cattle and the delicacies, which they eat. Mozzarella is widely used around the world as a pizza topping, but some other cheeses, which include Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano and Ricotta are more prominent in the country. If Italy is being visited during international holidays, sausages are worth sampling. Wines produced in its Mediterranean region can also be tasted in Italy.

The Mind-boggling Dubai Mall

Shopping malls are like pilgrimage sites for people who are staunch shopaholics. In the contemporary times, they have become symbols of urbanisation and modernism. Initially a rage among adolescents, they have now become popular among all age groups with thousands of people flocking to them everyday like sheep. The reason for their fame is that a horde of shops and stores offering a wide variety of goods and services is located under the same roof. They are spacious, architecturally unique to one-another and well-ventilated. An added bonus in such arcades is an entire floor or section, dedicated solely to dining. Due to the continuously increasing footfall, real-estate developers are constructing shopping complexes in almost every corner of the world and are often locked in a tug-of-war to build the largest such structure. The Dubai Mall is currently the biggest of its kind and it has become almost a tradition for people on their UAE holidays to visit it.

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall lies in downtown Dubai, which is the prime financial and business area in the city. It opened in 2008 after being delayed twice, and upon inauguration 635 retailers had already leased its shops. This 502000 sq. metres mega-mall is also the most visited in the world. It has been claimed by its developer that its total area equals that of 50 football pitches. Of its total area, about 3.77 sq. feet is available for business. As per reports, over 37 million people came here in 2009 and statistics show that it receives about 750000 visitors every day. A 250-room hotel, 120 restaurants, 22 cinemas and the largest candy store in the world are housed in this four-storey structure. Its three parking spaces have a total capacity for 14000 vehicles.

Main Attractions


The biggest attraction here is perhaps the aquarium and underwater zoo, located in the centre of the plaza. It is 50 metres long and has about 33000 individual marine creatures inside. A tunnel, made of thick glass, has been constructed inside the aquarium, allowing visitors to come close to the underwater life. It can also be viewed from outside, through an acrylic panel. Ticket to it costs between AED 80 and AED 110.

Dubai Mall ice rink
Dubai Mall ice rink

An ice rink, having a human capacity of 2000, also attracts huge numbers of visitors. AED 55 is the starting limit for ticket prices to the rink, where visitors can skate or play ice hockey.

SEGA Republic, Dubai Mall
SEGA Republic

Kids and video game lovers will find the SEGA Republic quite interesting. It is a 76000 sq. feet large theme park, which has more than 170 video games and simulators.

Dinosaur Skeleton- Dubai Mall
Dinosaur Skeleton- Dubai Mall

An entire skeleton of a dinosaur from the Jurassic Era is also worth seeing while visiting the mall during Dubai holidays. It was discovered in the American state of Wyoming in 2008 and is reportedly 155 million years old.

KidZania, Dubai Mall
KidZania, Dubai Mall

Children can be left at KidZania, which is a sort of an educational area. Here children can learn the life of adults by playing roles of surgeons, fire-fighters, engineers and chefs.

The Towering Masterpiece – Burj Khalifa

Dubai is definitely one of the fastest-growing urban centres in the world. It is the second largest and most populous of the seven cities or emirates of the UAE. Situated entirely within the Arabian Desert, it is bordered by the Persian Gulf in the north, Abu Dhabi in its south, Oman in the southeast and Sharjah in the southwest. In the recent years, it has become the financial and entertainment hub of the Middle East. The city was first mentioned in 1095 in the book of an Arab geographer. A Venetian merchant mentioned the city in 1580 for its pearl industry. In 1892, the Emirate came under the control of the British who controlled it till 1971. It started growing rapidly during the 1970s as revenues from the oil trade were put into its development. There is a lot to see here, including its beaches, museums, historical centres and, most importantly, the man-made marvels. Burj Khalifa is one such attraction and almost all Dubai tour packages take people inside this towering piece of architecture.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

It is one of the most-recognised buildings in the world. Standing at over 828 metres, it is the tallest mane-made structure ever built and is also one of the most widely visited. It is constructed using glass and aluminium and is designed to withstand high temperatures and soaring winds. Many records are possessed by it, such the most number of floors at 163, the highest occupied floor at 584.5 metres and the highest observation deck at 452 metres above the ground. Even more interesting is the fact that its inspiration came from traditional Islamic architecture. The tower has 27 step-backs in its exterior, giving it the appearance of a pyramid, with its base wider that the top. A 244-metre high spire tops the 585-metre high building, imparting it a total height of 829.8 metres.

The double-storied basement has spaces for parking vehicles. Floors 1 to 16 and 38 to 39 house the famous Armani Hotel. Residences are present on floors 19 to 37, 44 to 72 and 77 to 108. Floors 111 to 121, 125 to 135 and 139 to 154 have luxurious office suites. Sky lobbies are on storeys 43, 76 and 123, where gyms and jacuzzi are housed. Mechanical spaces on floors 40 to 42, 73 to 75, 109 to 110 136 to 138, 155 and 160 to 163 house the electrical and water supplies and other essential things. The much talked about Atmosphere restaurant is present on floor 122. On the 124th floor is an observation deck, from where tourists can see Dubai and its surrounding areas. Telescopes are available for gazers and they can also step out on the terrace to feel the fresh air. Storeys 150 to 159 have been reserved for communication and broadcasting services. The entire interior of the building is serviced by 57 high-speed lifts and eight escalators.

More Information

Dubai packages take people to Dubai International Airport and to their respective lodgings from there. Observation deck entry fee at Burj Khalifa is AED 125 for people older than 12 years, AED 95 for those between 4 and 12 years of age and nil for children younger than this.

More details about Burj Khalifa can be found at its website: