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Monasteries to Explore While on Ladakh Holidays

Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is famous for its thousands of years-old culture, and unmatchable natural beauty. A large number of travellers come to this scenic expanse, which is characterised by alluring landscapes like pristine lakes. This desert plateau is also home to some of the highest motorable passes on earth. Another thing unique to it as far as India is concerned is the double-humped Bactrian camels, found along the banks of the Nubra River. Being home to numerous monasteries or gompas has earned Ladakh the title, the land of monasteries. Three of the most famous such places that tourists can visit during their Ladakh holidays are described below:


Alchi Monastery

Alchi Monastery is nestled in a small village, called Alchi, which is around 40 km from Leh. Situated on the banks of the Indus River, it is believed to have been built one thousand years ago. It is different from other monastic sites in a way that unlike others that are built on hilltops, it is based on flat ground. There are five shrines in the complex, and one of the walls here has a thousand miniature paintings of Lord Buddha. While exploring the gompa with Ladakh holiday packages, people can see various temples like Vairocana Lhakhang, Jamyang Lhakhang, Lotsava Lhakhang and Sumtseg. Near the monastery are small restaurants and souvenir shops, where vendors welcome tourists with open arms.


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Enjoy Visiting 5 Attractions with Munnar Tour Packages

Situated at the confluence of three mountain streams at an elevation of around 1600 metres above the sea level, Munnar is one of the most famous hill stations in India. The place is marked by sprawling tea plantations, windy lanes, picturesque towns and exotic flora, especially Neelakurinji that blooms in every twelve years. Travellers can visit many attractions here like Anamudi Peak, Tata Tea Museum, Blossom Park, Kundala Lake, by availing Munnar tour packages.


Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, this hill station has a lot to offer to travellers, who avail Munnar packages. Offering breathtaking views of the never-ending tea plantations, Anamudi Peak in Eravikulam National Park is the highest peak situated in the Western Ghats. Anamudi literally means forehead of an elephant, and justifying its name, this place is home to the largest surviving population of elephants of Asia, Nilgiri langurs, leopards and endangered gaurs. To experience the thrill and feel the adrenalin rush, travellers can trek this peak.

Another prominent attraction to explore on Munnar tour is Tea Museum, set up in the Nallathanni estate of Tata Tea. The museum showcases and highlights various aspects of the finest tea production. Visitors can learn about different stages involved in the processing of tea and production of black tea. There is a large demonstration room at the museum, where tourists can taste different varieties of tea. A section of the museum also features an oven, classic furniture, iron, wooden bathtub, typewriters, magneto phones and magnetic calculators.

Top Station is the highest point in Munnar, offering panoramic views of the valley of the Theni district and Western Ghats.  The name suits it perfectly, as it is the uppermost railway station situated in the valley of Kundala. The place is famous for Neelakurinji flower that blooms after a period of 12 years, painting the surroundings in blue. It is an attractive destination for trek lovers.

While availing Munnar tour packages, holidaymakers can visit Mattupetty, which is located at a short distance of around 13 km from the town of Munnar. Tourists can relish fascinating sights while enjoying the pleasant weather here. Major crowd-pullers of this place are Mattupetty Dam and Lake. This dam of Mattupetty is a source of electricity generation in the region, and also a home to various birds and wild animals due to the constant availability of water. The reflection of the magnificent tea plantations in the still waters of the dam looks stunning. Tourists can engage themselves in numerous water sports activities like speed boating while enjoying the panoramic surroundings. Adventure lovers can trek in the lush Shola forests here.

Another ideal picnic spot is the Mattupetty Lake situated amidst the Shola forests. Offering a serene ambience, this lake is a perfect place for peace seekers. Tourists can enjoy boating in various boats, such as motor boat, row boat and speed boat.

How to Reach

Vacationers planning a Munnar tour, can fly to the nearest Cochin International Airport, which is around 110 km from the hill station. It is well-connected with major Indian cities like Mumbai, New Delhi. From there, cabs can be hired from the airfield to cover the remaining distance. Regular train service is available from these major cities to Ernakulam Junction railway station, located at a distance of 110 km from Munnar. Travellers can board private buses or hire a taxi to reach this hill station.

Tourists can visit these five attractions with Munnar tour packages.