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4 Amazing Theme Parks to Visit with Australia Tour Packages

Lying between the Pacific and Indian oceans, Australia is a land of diverse cultures and welcoming people. Not to forget, this enormous country also houses some of the most fascinating landforms like Uluru – among the biggest monoliths in the world. The largest coral reef ecosystem on the earth is also found here. The country gives so many reasons to globetrotters to come here time and again, and that is why, Australia tour packages are such a hit.

Tourists from around the world visit this country to explore its various attractions but one thing that is often a part of holiday packages in Australia is its state-of-the-art theme parks. Movie World, Sea World, Adventure World and Dream World are such a few places where travellers can discover the thrilling side of the country.

Movie World


Located in Gold Coast, Queensland, Warner Bros. Movie World is a bliss for any movie buff. The slogan of the park says, Hollywood on the Gold Coast, and that is exactly what it is. This movie-themed park has various enthralling rides based on blockbuster movies like Superman and Batman. SCOOBY-DOO Spooky Coaster is a famous ride that excites all. It uses laser lighting, horrifying sound effects and state-of-the-art animatronics to give a unique adrenaline rush to participants. Children will also return pleased from here as numerous sections of the park give them exactly what they want.

Sea World


Perhaps the best place in Australia to learn about the regional marine life is Sea World. This prominent attraction in Gold Coast is among the must-visit attractions while on Australia holidays. The Creatures of the Deep section entertains, as well as educates visitors about some mysterious creatures of the oceans. Visitors can see the antics of the cute, little flightless birds in the Penguin Point area of the park. They can also end their fear of sharks, coming face-to-face with these fierce creatures, in the Shark Bay section. This theme park has an extensive section for kids, including Nickelodeon Land which has kids rides like a mini roller coaster.

Adventure World


One of the most popular cities in Australia, Perth is a regular name in Australia tour packages, and among the various noted tourist spots of this place is Adventure World. Located on the shores of Bibra Lake Reserve, the park is a dream destination for any adventure lover. The Abyss roller coaster is the main attraction here. This steel giant runs up to 85 kmph and guarantees visitors adrenaline rush. Sky Lift, Dragon Express and Aqua Super 6 Racer are some other rides that visitors would love.

Dream World


Among the largest theme parks in the country, Dream World has dozens of rides and attractions, suitable for people of all ages. Tower of Terror II and Buzzsaw are two of the most sought after such rides. While the former is a 100-m free fall, the latter takes riders to astonishing speeds of 105 kmph. The theme park also has a number of eating and shopping points that make it a wholesome outing destination.

To enhance their Australia holidays experience, travellers must give these adventure hubs a visit.


Exploring 3 Man-made Wonders during Australia Holiday

The Commonwealth of Australia, simply referred as Australia, is the sixth largest country in the world on the basis of the total area. The economy of this country is one of the most developed in the world, and the per capita income is the fifth highest here. As a result, the cities here showcase some of the modern and finest structures in the world. People often plan an Australia holiday to explore these man-made wonders, especially those who have a streak for art and architecture. From unique architectural style to ingenious designs, these structures are often called the landmarks of the Land Down Under. Here is a list of such three attractions in this country that should not be missed in the Australia holiday package booked by travellers.

The Great Ocean Road

Listed in as an Australian National Heritage, the Great Ocean Road is a stretch of around 243 km road along the coast of Australia. It starts from at Torquay and ends at Allansford, and goes through the Victorian cities of both these places. Built by the returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932, this stretch is dedicated to the fellow soldiers, who died in the World War I. It is unique in a way as not many roads amicably hug the sea coasts. While enjoying a ride here, travellers can enjoy the picturesque views of the scenic surrounding, including the Twelve Apostles and rainforests. They can also spend some quality time amidst nature on the golden beaches here. There are a number of fishing beaches in the region that can be explored to see the lifestyle of locals.

Sydney Opera House

One can easily call Sydney Opera House the landmark of Australia. There is an interesting story behind the construction of this architectural marvel that started in the year 1957 and completed in 1973. Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect, presented the design of this amazing piece of art in an international competition and won it. The construction started following this incidence, but was stopped in the middle due to some financial and technical issues. However later, it was restarted, and now the world can see the farsightedness of Jorn Utzon. He is one the rare artists, whose structure has been recognised as a World Heritage Site during his lifetime. It hosts plays, musical concerts, and exhibitions throughout the year that can be attended by tourists during their holiday in Australia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Situated along the Sydney Opera House, this bridge is affectionately called the Coathanger. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, constructed around four decades before the opera house, is one of the largest steel arch bridges all around the world. Travellers can plan an ascent to the top of this bridge to see panoramic views of the city and harbour. Pictures at this bridge with the city in the backdrop can be one of the best memories of Australia holidays.

Travellers can book Australia holiday package to explore these amazing man-made structures.

4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Explore with Australia Travel Packages

Some of the best places to throng with Australia travel packages are naturalistic destinations like national parks. The country has no dearth of such places, and all of these are ideal to learn about the indigenous animal and plant species. Many of these sites are listed under UNESCO World Heritage as they contain a treasure chest of information about the Aboriginals of the nation apart from a rich biodiversity. Four such incredible UNESCO-listed sites to visit here are the Wet Tropics of Queensland, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Purnululu National Park and Greater Blue Mountains Area.

Wet Tropics of Queensland 

Stretching over 450 km along the north-eastern Australian seacoast, the Wet Tropics of Queensland is covered by dense rainforests. Within this approximately 894420-hectare territory are gorges, rivers, waterfalls and rugged mountains. The local forests are believed to have originated 50-100 million years ago when the Australian continent was a part of the Gondwanaland. Fossils found here have helped scientists a lot in studying about the plants and animals, native to other parts of the country as well. The region is home to around 102 species of animals and 370 of plants, classified as threatened. Another aspect that makes this site significant is its Aboriginal inhabitation, said to have been the first in the nation.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park can be explored with an Australia travel package to learn about the life, history and culture of the natives. It is named after Uluru and Kata-Tjuta – the two natural rock formations inside the protected territory. Uluru is a large near-circular plateau-like formation, rising to about 1142 feet above the ground and having a circumference of around 9.4 km. Kata Tjuta, about 53 km from Uluru, is a complex of linear and dome-like granite cliffs. Both these formations have Aboriginals myths associated with them, and the national park is rich in wildlife and flora species. Rock paintings found here have been heavily studied in an attempt to know more about the Aboriginals of the area.

Purnululu National Park

Located in the northern part of the nation, Purnululu National Park is known for its sandstone cliffs that have dark stripes on their surface. These cliffs were formed due to persistent soil erosion for over 20 million years, and the dark bands are in fact a type of bacteria. Many of the sandstone hills soar to over 820 feet above the savannah grasslands of the protected territory. During the rainy season, numerous pools and waterfalls form between the cliffs, drawing loads of travellers. The Bungle Bungle Mountain Range, sandy plains, limestone ridges and the Ord River Valley are the four major ecosystems in the establishment.

Greater Blue Mountains Area 

Another amazing place to learn about the natives with travel packages in Australia is the Greater Blue Mountains Area. The territory, having approximately 1.03 million hectares of surface area contains one conservation reserve and seven national parks within itself. Though not technically mountains, but plateaus, these sandstone hills or cliffs rise to around 4625 feet above sea level at their highest point. The most prominent feature here is the Three Sisters rock formation – a series of three sharp-edged hills with numerous legends associated with it. The Greater Blue Mountains area is home to several rare and endangered animals like koalas, quolls, bell frogs and water skinks.

While exploring these four UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Australia travel packages, people can learn about the regional flora and fauna, and the native inhabitants of the country.

3 Attractions to Explore During Australia Holiday

The smallest continent and largest island in the country, Australia is a land of dreams. Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, this country is known for its lush rainforests, mesmerising coral reefs and red deserts. An Australia holiday gives travellers a chance to explore scenic wonders as well awe-inspiring man-made marvels. It is a place, where travellers witness coexistence of contrasts. On one hand, they can see multi-cultural cities and sand islands along the coast, and on the other hand, they can indulge into adventure trekking on the rugged mountain peaks. This small continent and country is a part of bucket list of globetrotters all across the globe. Those planning vacation here can explore the following attractions with Australia holiday package.

Australia holidays

Sydney Opera House

As the name suggests, this magnificent structure is located at Bennelong Point in Sydney – the most popular city in the country. With a shape representing huge shells, the Sydney Opera House has made its way to the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is one of the must-see places while enjoying holiday in Australia. One of the most famous architectural icons in the world, this opera house is surrounded by water on three sides and Royal Botanic Gardens in the south. Jorn Utzon, the mastermind behind this structure won an international competition for its design. He had to withdraw himself from the project due to financial and technical challenges. Later, it was completed in the year 1973, with ten times budget than what was proposed. After taking a tour of this place, travellers can enjoy a delicious meal in any of the restaurants here.

Great Barrier Reef

The most fascinating fact about the Great Barrier Reef is that it is visible from the outer space. Besides, it is also one of the largest living structures on the planet earth. To protect its fragile ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was established in the year 1975. The ecosystem here includes around 300 coral cays, 600 continental islands, 3000 coral reefs and mangrove islands. Among the New 7 Wonders of Nature, this park is stretched in an area of around 2300 km. Travellers can indulge in diving and snorkelling to see marvellous marine life here. Apart from corals, they can see turtles, dolphins, dugongs as well as dangerous sharks. However those, who prefer staying dry can see these creatures from underwater viewing stations or glass bottom boats during their Australia holiday.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is located in the centre of the Red Centre in Australia. It is one of the most photographed places in the world, and the red monolith is the centre of attraction here. A World Heritage Area, this park is managed by the Anangu people – traditional landowners – and Parks Australia. Travellers can see the fascinating transformation in the sacred structure Kata Tjuta with shifting of the light.

While enjoying a holiday in Australia, travellers are suggested to include these three attractions in their itinerary.

5 Host Cities of Ashes Tests to Explore during Australia Tours

One of the biggest sporting extravaganzas to attend during Australia tours is The Ashes. It is a series of five Test matches, played every two years between Australia and England. This on-field rivalry is among the most heated in the cricket world, and the competitive spirit continues to grow every time. The Ashes is held in Australia every four years, and the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide generally host the matches. There is always a sufficient amount of time, generally 3-4 days, reserved between the games for the competitors to rest. There are certain tour packages in Australia that revolve around this tournament. Below is a description of what can be experienced, done and seen in these five incredible destinations in between the matches.

Australia Tour packages


The capital of New South Wales, Sydney houses two of the most famous landmarks of the nation: the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Those, who love the sea, can throng Bondi, Coogee, Greenhills, Maroubra, Tamarama and Bronte Beaches. Hyde Park, where a number of cultural events are hosted, is ideal to sit back, relax and witness exquisite flora, which can also be seen at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Museum of Sydney, Australian Museum and National Maritime Museum are some other places of interest here.


Tourists, who like to read, may come to Melbourne – a UNESCO City of Literature. The State Library of Victoria, located in the heart of the city, has over 2 million pieces of literature. Melbourne is known for its entertainment aspect as numerous arts and international film festivals are organised here. The city can also be called as the sports capital of the nation as it has hosted numerous major events like the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.


Situated on the Indian Ocean coast in the western part of the country, Perth is home to long, sandy and pristine beaches. The destination is dotted with several large and small lakes, and reservoirs, around which people can relax. A unique attraction here is Water Labyrinth, where nine squares are created by powerful water fountains. To the east of Perth is Swan Valley Tourist Park, a large grassy arcade featuring wineries, restaurants and art galleries. Car rallies, food and wine tours, leisurely walks, drives and cycling can be experienced at the site.


Home of The Gabba, which has the fastest and bounciest cricket pitch in the world, Brisbane is situated on the Moreton Bay coast. The Story Bridge across the Brisbane River is a city landmark, and every year on Brisbane Day, it is illuminated with lights and fireworks. The Museum of Brisbane displays artworks, photos and ceramics, pertaining to the history of the city. Nature lovers can visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see some native Australian animals like koalas, kangaroos and Tasmanian devils.


Of all Australian megacities, Adelaide is the one with the mildest weather. Even when summers are at their most extreme, the average day temperature here stays near 30 degree Celsius. North Terrace, an arterial road of the city, is its cultural hub, and several art galleries, museums and libraries are located along it. Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute can be visited in Adelaide with Australia tours packages to learn about the native inhabitants of the nation.

Australia tours can be taken to visit these five Ashes Test host cities and for exploring the wonderful sites they encompass.

Exploring the 4 Grandest Theme Parks with Australia Tour Packages

Australia is an Oceanian nation that is officially referred to as the Commonwealth of Australia, and is amongst the top 10 largest countries of the world in terms of area. It is a developed country, with inclusion into the list of the wealthiest ones across the globe. Owing to its riches, both in terms of economy ad natural beauty, it draws a horde of people throughout the year. Leisure and business travelers come here in large numbers, for various purposes. It is a frequented tourist destination, with a vast variety of attractions for travelers. From natural wonders to man-made marvels, this nation has so much to explore. Apart from nature-gifted features, it has several modern attractions, which can be explored with Australia tour packages. Tourists can head to explore its entertainment and amusement parks, based on various themes.

Sea World Gold Coast

Located on the plush Gold Coast in Queensland, Sea World is a popular water-themed park in the country. It also houses a marine mammal park and oceanarium within its premises. There are several rides, live animal exhibits and other attractions within its premises. The conservation of marine wildlife is also promoted through various activities and live shows conducted within Sea World. Jet Rescue, Storm Coaster, Jet Stunt Extreme, Affinity, Penguin Encounter and Ray Reef are some of the main rides and attractions in this park. Tourists interested in the underwater world of the country can definitely pay a visit to this place during their Australia tour.

Warner Bros. Movie World

This movie-related theme park is also situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and is frequently visited with Australia packages. There are several movie-themed rides and interesting attractions inside this park that include motion stimulators, river rides and roller coasters. Costumed characters portraying several popular movie and cartoon characters can be seen strolling here. In addition, there are various active film studios inside the complex of Warner Bros. Movie World. It also hosts a number of annual events, which are attended by entertainment enthusiasts from all over the world.

Luna Park

Situated in the massive city of Melbourne, Luna Park is a popular attraction, often included in Australia tour packages. This historic amusement park was opened to public in 1912, and has been in continuous operation since then. It features a number of thrill rides and attractions, and has its iconic gateway still intact at its glorious best. Silly Serpent, Scenic Railway, Amazing Mirror Maze and Circus of Screams are some of the main rides that tourists can enjoy here during their Australia tour.


Tourists can also utilise their Australia packages to visit Funfields, situated in Whittlesea, Victoria. It was opened in the year 1985, as a park featuring toboggan rides. In addition, the park has about 14 rides, which are made for people of all ages. Go-karts, train rides and carousels are the main features of this amusement park. It also has an impressive collection of water rides, with bumper boats, tandem tube slides and flume slides.

By opting for Australia tour packages including visits to these 4 famous recreation hotspots in the country, tourists can ensure fun-filled times for themselves and their families. Based on various interesting themes, these grand recreation centres are the places to head to for a holiday.

Most Popular Sports in Australia

Travellers coming to Australia get a lot to see and do during their holiday tours. Its long coastline, different types of beaches, a rich aboriginal cultural, national parks and protected areas make it an admired destination among travellers. Another aspect that draws huge crowds to the country is sports and their hosting of major sporting tournaments.

Sports were officially introduced in Australia in 1810, when an athletics tournament was held here for the first time. Soon, other sports entered the public domain and became a way of life. Sydney, a major metropolitan city, has always acted as the centre of sporting in the country and many big tournaments are held here. Apart from it, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart also have great sporting traditions. By far, the most popular sports in the country are Cricket, Australian Rules Football, Rugby and Lawn Tennis.


In recent years, Cricket has in many ways become synonymous with Australia, with their team becoming world champions 4 times; three of these occasions coming in 1999, 2003 and 2007. Besides the One-day international format, the Aussie team is simply unbeatable when it comes to 5-day Tests and even 20-20s. As per (a top sports opinion website in Australia), in 2014, over 18.4 million Australians watched this sport. The history of this sport in this nation can be traced back to 1803, when it was first played in Sydney.

Melbourne locals suggest people on their Christmas vacations in the city to definitely try attending the Boxing Day Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), which starts on December 26 every year. Over the years, there have been instances when attendance at this stadium has broken world records on the Boxing Day, especially for matches between the hosts and England, when they battle it out in the famous Ashes Test series.

Australian Rules Football

Field-Australian Rules Football
Field-Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules Football is a variation of Rugby, but its origin in the nation is not properly known. There are some reports of a type of football being played here before the arrival of the Europeans. The founding of the Australian Football League (AFL) in 1897 helped in popularising the sport beyond imagination and soon, it became an iconic game in the nation. As per Sunday Morning Herald, between 2011 and 2012, the sport generated AUD 425 million in revenue.

Mark-Australian Rules Football
Mark-Australian Rules Football

The Seven Network, the official broadcaster of the AFL, received a viewership of 8.24 million. The AFL is played by 18 clubs and the season generally begins in March-April and goes on till August-September. To know how is this sport played and what rules make it different from others, please read this article. It is played on venues all across the country and attending these matches during Australia tours is an excellent plan.

Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis-field
Lawn Tennis-field

The year 1870s saw the introduction of Lawn Tennis in this country and since then, it has gained much popularity among sports lovers here. A survey by Roy Morgan (a market research company in Australia) revealed that 6.7 million Australians or about 36% of the total population above 14 years of age watched the Australian Open tennis tournament between October 2010 and September 2011. The championship is played from mid-January to early February at Melbourne Park.  The other most famous tennis tournament in the nation is Brisbane International, a part of the world tour of ATP. It began in 1970s and since then, most of the famous and high-ranking players have taken part in it. As the name suggests, it is organised in the city of Brisbane between the end of December and mid-January.


Rugby League Field
Rugby League Field

This sport is also played widely in the nation and over time, it has evolved into two separate styles: Rugby Union and Rugby League. Both are loved by people in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. In 1840s, this game was founded in England that saw the formation of numerous rugby clubs. In 1895, these clubs split from each other and formed separate competitions. This is how the two styles of the game came into being. As a result of shared origin, both types have the same basic rules, but many are different.

In Australia, Super Rugby is the premier Rugby Union championship, and it is held from February to August in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Tourists can choose any of these cities to attend the matches during their trips in the Oz nation. Likewise, the biggest tournament of Rugby League is National Rugby League (NRL), which stretches on from March till September. People on their holidays in Australia during this period can head to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Townsville or Canberra to watch these exciting matches.

Limestone and Crystal Mystique of Jenolan Caves

To get a glimpse of raw, beautiful and unhindered nature, travellers can embark on Australia tours and explore the enchanting Jenolan Caves. The group is a series of large and small crevices formed in limestone mountains, due to millions of years of soil erosion and rivers snaking through them. These caves take people deep into the Blue Mountains of the Great Dividing Range, near Oberon in New South Wales. By studying the amount of Argon and radioactive potassium inside them, scientists have established the period of their formation to be more than 340 million years ago. Written accounts credit their discovery either to Charles Whalan or his brother James. The latter is said to have stumbled upon them in 1838 or 1841 while was chasing a thief who was holed up there. The state government took the area under its control in 1866, making it the second such site in the world to be granted a protected status. Although the caves are known to everyone, the region is still undergoing extensive exploration.

The Caves

Lucas is among the most-visited individual formations, owing to its massive chambers, including the 54 metres high Cathedral. The Cathedral contains a thick limestone pillar called Broken Column as it is not complete and a part of it seems missing. This unique chamber, in recent times, has become a highly picturesque venue for weddings. Lucas has 910 steps, of which 210 have to be climbed to gain access to the Cathedral. Imperial, with its mostly level path, is the easiest cave to explore. Its highlights are the conical and pointed stone spires, which emerge down from the ceiling, and a river, which flows underground. Imperial is also known for numerous fossils discovered inside it, including those of the Tasmanian Devil. A part of it, known as Diamond branch, has crystal forms in its ceilings, looking like chandeliers.

Orient Cave
Orient Cave

Chifley is the most beautiful individual site, due to it being lit by coloured lights, which have been there since 1880. It too has large chambers, but is mainly known for being richly decorated with naturally-occurring spar crystals. Inside the Orient Cave are numerous crystal halls with columns, awash with cracks and natural carvings. The Indian Chamber is astonishing with red, orange and grey tones while the Persian hall is breathtaking with a golden hue. Temple of the Baal is a visually enchanting site, with a wall structure resembling the oesophagus of an animal; hence, called the Dragon Throat. One of its two halls is 42 metres high and rich in formations called helictites while the other has a white form looking like a clad angel.

Ribbon Cave in Australia
Ribbon Cave in Australia

The River Cave is famous for its Queen Esther hall, containing numerous limestone minarets, as well as for the underground river called Styx. There is also a lake downstream, where features are reflected amazingly due to its calm and still waters. Helictite features looking like ribbons are the reason for the bedazzling scenes inside Ribbon Cave. Jubilee is the longest cave in the system, and the paths inside it are often narrow and entrances low, requiring visitors to bend. Apart from these eight caves that visitors enter through the Grand Arch opening during Australia holidays, Nettle, Aladdin, Jersey, Elder and Arch are other similar sites in the area.

The Diverse Great Barrier Reef: An Australian Icon

Australia is the largest island and the sixth-largest country in the world. It lies in the Southern Hemisphere, bordered by the mighty Pacific Ocean on all sides. The region includes the Australian mainland and the island of Tasmania. Though the country has its own parliament, it still forms part of the British Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth as its ceremonial head. Politically, the mainland is divided into six regions, which are Western, Northern and Southern Territories, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Majority of the island continent is covered with deserts and grasslands. Mountains are on the eastern edge and tropical rainforests are in the northeast. The climate of a large part of the country is semi-arid, except for some areas, which exhibit a temperate climate. Australia tours provide a chance to behold its natural beauty and marvel at the sight of impressive man-made structures. The biggest attraction in the country is the Great Barrier Reef – a wonder of nature.


General Information and Wildlife


The Great Barrier Reef (visit official site at: famed as the largest coral reef in the world. Corals are in fact animals and not plants. About 600 types of corals and 900 islands are part of the region, which has now been declared as a protected area by the government. It is located off the seacoast of Queensland, in the Coral Sea. This reef stretches to over 2000 km and occupies more than 340000 sq. km of area. The sea around the region is home to about 100 species of jellyfish, 500 species of worms, 1625 species of other fish, 133 kinds of sharks, sting and electric rays, 30 kinds of dolphins and whales and 3000 types of molluscs. About 17 types of sea snakes, six of sea turtles and 15 of seagrass are also found here. The mangroves and marshes around the reef are inhabited by saltwater crocodiles while more than 215 bird types also live or migrate here. A whopping 1.4 to 1.7 million individual birds build their nests in the area.


Recreational Activities and How To Come Here


Tourists coming here can indulge in a variety of enthralling activities. A popular way to see the place is through seaplanes, which fly to small platoons or larger islands within the region. People who like to sail on their own can rent boats at the Whitsunday Islands. They are available with or without power-motors and are without any crew members. Those who are hiring them should get a briefing on how to sail and where to go from the operators. Visitors with a taste of luxury can behold the beautiful site from top cruise ships. For an ultimate experience, scuba diving or snorkelling can be chosen. It is the best opportunity to be up-close and personal with the unique lifeforms and see and study them. Scuba diving, however, should be done only by experienced divers and swimmers. Water sports like parasailing and jet-skiing are ideal to speed through the waters.


Another recreational activity, which is becoming popular among tourists, is fishing. In winters, whales migrate to the area, which makes the time perfect to spot these huge creatures. Coming to Australia is fairly easy as Melbourne and Sydney international airports have flights coming from almost all the countries. From there, domestic flights can be opted to Hamilton Airport in Whitsunday Islands. Alternatively, the place can also be reached by ferries, which operate from the Queensland coast.

Scenic Barossa Valley in Australia

Counted amongst the finest tourist destinations across the globe, Australia is a land of natural wonders and modern marvels. It earns worldwide fame as one of the wealthiest nations in the world and has a high standard of living. Nature has blessed this place with a huge and marvelous distinctness in landscapes. With every changing region, the topography of this country offers something different to behold. Throughout the year, travelers come to this place for exploring its picturesque beaches, hilly regions, isolated outbacks and sprawling deserts. Australia holidays are heavily focused on the natural aspect of this country that provides travelers with an unmatchable experience.


Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley

The pleasant climate and favorable conditions of this place form a perfect setting for the cultivation of grapes; thus, providing an ideal base for the production of wine. This is the reason why Australia is amongst the top exporters of this famous drink across the globe. Almost every state in this country is a producer of this fine beverage. The main regions known for the extensive plantation of grapes and production of wine are valleys like Eden, Barossa, Clare, Alpine and Hunter. Amongst these, the Barossa Valley in the south of this nation is a famous region for the same, and has turned into a major tourist destination with the passing time.


An Introduction to Barossa


Situated about 60 km towards the northeast of Adelaide, the valley is a significant wine-producing area. The North Para River forms this scenic vale, which is known for its natural beauty and economic significance. It derives its name from the mountain ranges, which were provided with the title by Colonel William Light in the 19th century. There are three main towns within the geographical territory of this place that are influenced by the old British and German settlements.


The dominant vineyard industry is the prime source of employment for residents. Sprawling vineyards stretched across several hectares of land are found here in abundance. Different varieties of grapes are cultivated here that, in result, are used in the production of a wide range of wines. The red wine produced here is popular across the globe for its fine taste and excellent quality. Penfolds Grange – the most famous beverage of this country – is also prepared here in large proportions.


Penfolds Grange
Penfolds Grange

Fabulous Celebrations


International holidays to Australia pay a great deal of focus on the various Australian celebrations. As wine is the major driving force behind the economy of this region, it is given huge importance by locals. Celebrations dedicated to this exotic beverage are organized here with great zeal and extravagance.

Barossa Vintage Festival
Barossa Vintage Festival

Barossa Vintage Festival – the week-long celebration – is the main event, which marks the end of the annual vintage season. Beverage-tasting competitions, music concerts, culinary events and grand parades are the main features of this splendid celebration.

Barossa Be Consumed Gourmet Weekend
Barossa Be Consumed Gourmet Weekend

Another major festival of the region is the Barossa Be Consumed Gourmet Weekend, which takes place for three days in the month of August every year. Food, wine and art are the main aspects of this festival, which is celebrated across local wineries and event venues.