Plan a Visit the Grand Picasso Museum in Barcelona During Your Europe Holidays

Barcelona, the second largest city of Spain, is a global city and one of the top tourist destinations of the European continent. This city, which is situated between Besòs and Llobregat rivers on the Mediterranean Coast, is the capital of Catalonia. This city has a glorious history and rich cultural heritage that can be seen in its famous architectural wonders, such as Palau Güell, Casa Vicens and Casa Batlló, which are UNESCO designated world heritage sites. Another such important attraction of this city is the Picasso Museum (Museu Picasso), which houses a collection of about 4249 works of the great Spanish painter, Pablo Ruiz Picasso. If you are an ardent art lover and planning a trip to Europe, then a visit to this museum can be a great experience. In case you have not decided how and where all to travel in this beautiful continent, then you can go for any of the Europe tour packages available on the Internet.

About the Museum

Situated on the Montcada Street, the Picasso Museum was the brainchild of the secretary and friend of Picasso – Jaume Sabartés. Originally, the museum was decided to be established in the birthplace of Picasso, which is Málaga; however, Picasso made the suggestion that Barcelona would be more appropriate as he had a long connection with this city.

When in the year 1963 the museum was established, it had 574 works of Picasso that were donated by Sabartés from his personal collection. The importance of the museum grew with time as more such donations were made. The interior of this building was renovated in 2003, and all artworks were rearranged. In 2005, this building was declared as a museum of national interest by the Government of Catalonia. During your Europe holidays, do try visiting this great museum to see masterpieces of a legendary artist, Pablo Picasso.