Shop Till You Drop To Make Your Thailand Holidays More Exciting

Thailand, a south-east Asian country, is one of those unique places on earth that has been gifted with most stunning sightseeing attractions and adventure points. Famous as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, this place is highly celebrated for its bustling cities, beautiful beaches and amazing shopping centres. Apart from the above, this place has a amazing blend of culture, tradition and heritage that is represented in its various historical sites. If you are contemplating about a vacation and yet to decide a destination, then this island country can be a good choice. A visit to the tourist attractions, such as the Grand Palace, Ko Tarutao Island, Similan Islands, Chiang Mai Night Market and Railay Beach during your Thailand Holidays will leave you completely mesmerised.

Chiang Mai Night Market

 A shopping paradise, Chiang Mai Night Market is one of the leading attractions for tourists who come to Thailand. The famous market is spread out along footpaths and temple grounds, in addition, comprises regular shops and shopping complexes. This night bazaar is popular for clothes, shoes, jewellery, watches, handicrafts, electronic items, local Thai goods and eating joints. If you are good at bargaining, then you can opportunity a lot of things at cheap prices. During your visit to the Chiang Market make sure to visit the other two offshoots of this market, namely Asunarm Market and Kalare Night Bazaar.

The Chiang Mai Market is open till midnight on all days of the year so here you will get an opportunity to shop till you drop. If you are a shopaholic, then choose for a tour package that will take you to this incredible market along with other famous sites of the country. Thailand tours can be availed from both leading travel portals and travel agencies, which offer them at great prices.


Avail Dubai Packages for an Enjoyable Time at the Dubai Zoo

Dubai, an emirate city, is located on the northern coastline of the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, this city has made its mark as one of the major international tourist places to visit. This city offers an array of attractions to its visitors and has an influx of a large number of tourists every year. Some of the famous attractions of this city are Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Mosque, Palm Islands, Wild Wadi Water Park and Jumeirah Beach. Another popular attraction of the city is the Dubai Zoo where people of all age groups enjoy the fullest. If you wish to visit this place, then you can avail Dubai packages offered by various travel portals to come to this city.

About the Zoo

This zoo was built in the year 1967 by Otto J. Bulart on the approval of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the then ruler of Dubai. Since 1971, it is maintained by the management of the city municipality. The zoo underwent renovation from 1986 to 1989, and constant redesigning of the zoo is carried out periodically. The zoo covers an area of two hectares in Jumeirah and is the first of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula to breed rare species of the Gordon wildcat and chimpanzee.

The star attractions of this zoo include Siberian tigers of Eastern Asia, Arabian wolves, gorillas, antelopes and cormorants. Some of the mammals that can be spotted here are bears, giraffes, foxes, deer, chimpanzees, gorillas and hyenas. This zoo also houses more than 400 reptile species and several aerial creatures, such as golden eagles and parrots. Special care has been taken to provide these rare exotic species with a surrounding that is close to their natural ecosystem.

This zoo is a must visit on a trip to this city, especially if there are kids in the group. You can avail Dubai holiday packages on various travel websites that include accommodation, sightseeing and food facilities.

Explore the Beautiful and Amazing Jurong Bird Park During Your Singapore Holidays

The island country of Singapore, which comprises 63 beautiful islands, lies in the southern tip of the peninsula of Malaysia. Home to the fifth-busiest port in the world, this nation has an economy that is vastly based on international trade. It has a diverse population, including Chinese, Indians and Malays with four official languages, English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. If you are planning a trip to this small island nation, then some of the attractions that you must visit during your Singapore holidays are Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Underwater World and Jurong Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park

 This open-concept park encompasses an area of around 50 acres and is the biggest of its kind in Asia. It is home to about 600 bird species, especially from South Asia, with a population of around 9000 birds. Designed by John Yealland (a noted ornithologist and aviculturist), this park was opened to public in the year 1971 by the man behind its establishment, Dr. Goh Keng Swee.

The park consists of four aviaries, one of which is the biggest walk-in aviary, featuring the tallest man-made waterfall. It is here that visitors can get a close view of colourful, free-flying birds from South America and Africa. This park also has to its credit the largest walk-in lory (a parrot species) flight aviary in the world. This aviary is almost nine-storey high and is spread across an area of 3000 sq m, featuring about 10 colourful lory species. In addition to various bird species, visitors get a chance to observe a collection of more than 10,000 exotic trees, palms, bamboo and ground-cover vegetation in this park.

If you wish to spend a delightful time in the Jurong Bird Park, then look for those Singapore tours package that include a trip to this park. You can get such package deals on leading travel websites.

Plan a Visit the Grand Picasso Museum in Barcelona During Your Europe Holidays

Barcelona, the second largest city of Spain, is a global city and one of the top tourist destinations of the European continent. This city, which is situated between Besòs and Llobregat rivers on the Mediterranean Coast, is the capital of Catalonia. This city has a glorious history and rich cultural heritage that can be seen in its famous architectural wonders, such as Palau Güell, Casa Vicens and Casa Batlló, which are UNESCO designated world heritage sites. Another such important attraction of this city is the Picasso Museum (Museu Picasso), which houses a collection of about 4249 works of the great Spanish painter, Pablo Ruiz Picasso. If you are an ardent art lover and planning a trip to Europe, then a visit to this museum can be a great experience. In case you have not decided how and where all to travel in this beautiful continent, then you can go for any of the Europe tour packages available on the Internet.

About the Museum

Situated on the Montcada Street, the Picasso Museum was the brainchild of the secretary and friend of Picasso – Jaume Sabartés. Originally, the museum was decided to be established in the birthplace of Picasso, which is Málaga; however, Picasso made the suggestion that Barcelona would be more appropriate as he had a long connection with this city.

When in the year 1963 the museum was established, it had 574 works of Picasso that were donated by Sabartés from his personal collection. The importance of the museum grew with time as more such donations were made. The interior of this building was renovated in 2003, and all artworks were rearranged. In 2005, this building was declared as a museum of national interest by the Government of Catalonia. During your Europe holidays, do try visiting this great museum to see masterpieces of a legendary artist, Pablo Picasso.

Maldives Holidays: A Perfect Getaway from Hustle and Bustle of Mundane City Life

Maldives, a small island nation located in the great Indian Ocean, has emerged as a popular tourist destination in the world, over the years. The archipelago of this island lies on top of a large submarine mountain range – Maldives-Laccadive-Chagos Ridge. This country has a diverse population in terms of language and religion. Hence, it has a diverse and vibrant culture that can be seen its cuisine, festivals, architecture, music and art. Folk music is an important part of the culture of this nation, and Thaara is one such popular folk form, which includes both dancing and singing. If you are contemplating about where to go during your upcoming vacation, then a visit to this island nation can be an amazing experience. All you have to do is to look for Maldives holidays package deals that are offered by travel agencies and travel portals.

Local Song and Dance

Thaara was introduced to the people of this country by Arabs, who came here during the middle of the 17th century. This folk form involves 22 performers (only men can participate) who sit facing each other in two parallel rows before the actual performance starts. The team of performers wear white shirts and sarongs, with a green scarf around their necks.

In earlier times, this folk music was performed to celebrate the accomplishment of vows. Previously, the songs that were sung during the performance were in Arabian language. Soothing to the ears, this folk music begins at a slow tempo, but gradually picks up along the way.

Besides this, some of the other folk forms of this country are Langiri Folk Music, Gaa Odi Lava Folk Music, Kadhaa Maali Folk Dance and Dhandi Jehun Folk Dance. If you are interested in visiting this place and enjoy its attractions as well as vibrant culture, then you choose to go for Maldives tour packages.

Avail Hong Kong Holiday Packages to Witness the Beauty of Nan Lian Garden

Hong Kong, a global tourist destination, is a special administrative region of the People Republic of China. Densely-populated, this cosmopolitan area is famous for its deep natural harbour and extensive skyline, along with parks, gardens and heritage buildings. Speaking of gardens, this region boasts of a classic Chinese garden that has a Tang-style landscape called the Nan Lian Garden, which features in the list of top attractions of Hong Kong. If you are contemplating about a trip to this special region of China, then look for Hong Kong holiday packages that are available on various travel portals to choose the one, which suits your pocket and travel schedule.

Nan Lian Garden

Opened to the general public in November 2006, this garden has been built on the model of the well-known Jiangshouju Garden of the province of Shanxi. Spread over an area of 35,000 sq m, the Nan Lian Garden is maintained by Chi Lin Nunnery and was developed by them in association with the department of Leisure and Cultural Services. Even though this garden is situated in an urban area, it still has a serene and tranquil environment shielded from sound and dust by noise barriers and verdant trees.

There are many high-rise buildings in the vicinity of this garden while contrasting them are the distant scenic mountain ranges of Kowloon Peak, Tate Cairn, Temple Hill and Lion Rock located towards its north. Some of the attractions of this Chinese garden are Blue Pond, Silver Strand, Pavilion Bridge, Zi Wu Bridge, Perfection Pavilion, Xiang Hai Xuan, Rockery and Spring Hill. Besides these, the garden also has a souvenir shop, snack shop, Chinese tea house and a vegetarian restaurant. Most Hong Kong tour packages include a trip to this popular garden, which is located on the Fung Tak Road in Diamond Hill of Kowloon area.

Book a Hong Kong Tour Package to Visit King Yin Lei – A Gem of Chinese Architecture

Situated on the south coast of China is the busy city of Hong Kong, which is mostly inhabited by the Chinese though a small percentage of Cantonese community is also there. The city represents a beautiful blend of Asian and European cultures and is known as the place where – East meets West. A great deal of British influence can also be seen in the form of modernised lifestyle of the people out here. This fusion of different cultures is also evident in its architecture buildings such as Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Sui Clock Tower and Kowloon Walled City. Another of such outstanding marvel is King Yin Lei. To visit this region, you can avail a Hong Kong tour package, which is likely to include accommodation, food and travel facilities.

King Yin Lei


King Yin Lei
King Yin Lei

This spectacular and huge mansion is located on the Hong Kong Island and is one of the most visited places of the city. The building is an extraordinary representation of the Chinese Renaissance style, which is reflected splendidly with the amalgamation of Chinese and western architectural trends. Built around 1937 by a British architect, A. R. Fenton-Rayen, this mansion was then known by the name – Hei Lo. Mrs. Shum Li Po-lun, the first owner of this magnificent mansion, sold it to the Yow Family in 1978. Subsequently, it was renamed as King Yin Lei by them.

The complex of this elegant building comprises an annex block, a subsidiary building and a pavilion. The two-storey annex block has many rooms, which are connected by a passage. Traditional Chinese pyramidal roofs adorn the subsidiary building, which is connected to the pavilion at both ends. King Yin Lei was declared as a monument on 11 July, 2008 and is currently under the management of Commissioner for Heritage Office of Hong Kong. Tourists visit this place in huge numbers and take snapshots of the facade of this building. Visit this sublime place by availing from the best of Hong Kong tour packages available on travel portals to make your holiday fulfilling.

Book Packages for Bali Tours to Visit the Renowned Pura Tanah Lot

Bali, a province in the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia, is made of a number of small islands. This place is hugely popular as a tourist destination and witnesses an influx of a large number of visitors every year. This archipelago boasts of thousands of Puras (temples) and is known by the sobriquet – Island of Thousand Puras or Island of Gods. The beliefs of Balinese religion are a fusion of Hinduism, Buddhism, Shaivism and Tantrism represented by sacred places such as Agung, Batur, Batukao and Tanah Lot. Among these the Pura Tanah Lot, a sacred a temple, is the most revered by the locals. If you wish to visit this peaceful province, then look for packages for Bali tours on the Internet.

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot
Pura Tanah Lot

This temple is located in Tanah Lot in Tabanan Regency of West Bali. As the temple is built at a high altitude, it is only accessible during low tides of the Indian Ocean. According to a legend, the Tanah Lot was founded by a Javanese priest, Dang Hyang Nirartha, who urged natives of this place to build a temple at the oceanfront. One of the six cardinal temples of this province, it is the seat of worship of many Balinese Gods. The simplicity of Pura Tanah Lot is reflected in its construction. According to another belief when as priest Nirartha left this place, his sashes transformed into two sea snakes, which now guard the temple against evil forces.

Visitors usually visit this place during sunset to witness the mesmerising view of the ocean waves and the temple. Being so exquisite in term of architecture, it is one of the most-photographed temples in this province. Though the temple has a restricted entry, people throng to this place to simply immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere and its sanctity. Plan a Bali tour to visit this temple to learn about the beliefs of the local people.

Book a Hong Kong Tour Package to Visit the Renowned Po Lin Monastery

Hong Kong, located in the Republic of China, is one of the popular tourist destinations of the world. Since people from different ethnicities live in this region, you will find an array of religious places that draw pilgrims from all across the globe. Some of the famous religious shrines of this region are the Lo Pan Temple, Man Mo Temple, Shing Wong Temple and Hau Wong Temple. As the largest population of this region follows Buddhism, there are several monasteries over here such as Chi Lin Nunnery, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery and Po Lin Monastery. If you are contemplating a holiday trip to this region, then choose a Hong Kong tour package that is available on the Internet.

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery
Po Lin Monastery

This monastery is situated in Ngong Ping on the Lantau Island and was founded by three Buddhist monks in the year 1906. Originally named as Da Maopeng, it was renamed as Po Lin (Precious Lotus) in 1924. This monastery is situated 520 m above sea level and is considered as one of the most revered shrines of Lord Buddha.


There are several sections in this monastery that hold statues of Lord Buddha sculpted out of different materials. These sections include the Mahavira Hall, Maitreya Hall, Banruo Hall, Weituo Hall and Sutra-Collection Hall. This monastery has been built in the typical Buddhist temple architectural style, which can be witnessed in the elaborate detailing, huge bells, bright colours and carvings of dragons on the inside walls. A highlight of this monastery is the statue of Tian Tan Buddha, which is located in its premises that sits majestically at a height of 34 m on the peak of the Muyu mountain. If you wish to explore this Buddhist monastery and other attractions of this region, then you can choose to book Hong Kong tour packages for an exciting and interesting holiday trip.

Plan Dubai Tours to Visit the Famous Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai, one of the famous tourist destinations of the world, is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One of the most-developed emirates, it boasts of some of the finest modern architectural wonders ever known. If you are visiting this place, then you must look to make a trip to attractions such as Dubai World Trade Centre, Emirates Towers, Falconcity of Wonders and Dubai Mosque. Another prominent attraction of this emirate is the Jumeirah Mosque, which is located in the coastal area of Jumeirah. To make a visit to this mosque and other splendid attractions of this place, choose to opt for packages of Dubai tours for an extremely fun-filled time here.

Jumeirah Mosque


This mosque is situated on the Jumeirah Beach Road and is a fine representation of the impeccable Islamic architecture. Built according to medieval Fatimid tradition, under the patronage of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Makhtoum, the mosque is one of the major tourist places of UAE. It was established in the year 1975 and is one of the most photographed mosques of Dubai. Known by the sobriquet – the Two Minaret Mosque, it has a capacity to accommodate nearly 1,300 people at a time. One of the key features of this mosque is that it is built with new age construction materials, which can be seen in its two minarets and dome.

Another striking fact of this mosque is that it is one of the three mosques of UAE that is open to people of all religions, as well. If you wish, you can take an organised tour of this mosque offered by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) that provides tourists with an understanding of the Islam religion. Avail a Dubai package available on travel portals and visit this mosque to understand the faith of Islam.