Take a Trip to the Hub of Wellness with Maldives Tour Packages

Maldives, an island country located amidst deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, is a haven for nature-lovers. Boasting of a vast shoreline with shining white sands and trails of palm trees, this country has the reputation of a wonderful beach destination. Together, the landscape and climate of this place form a wonderful combination that provides tourists with a refreshing holiday. This beautiful region is dominated by a variety of spas and wellness centres, which use traditional techniques for rejuvenation of senses. For an invigorating vacation in this paradisiacal place, you should avail one of the various Maldives tour packages that can be availed online.

Spas: Centres of Holistic Healing

The pleasant atmosphere, watery surroundings and lush greenery of Maldives make it a natural spa. In addition to the revivifying natural ambience, this place consists of many spas and treatment centres, which are situated within various beach resorts. These spas use ages-old techniques of holistic healing that have been preserved as a family tradition by inhabitants of this archipelago. Essences of herbs found in the island are used as the main ingredients in oils and scrubs that are used in these spa centres. Virgin coconut oil found extensively in this region is a chief element used in the salubrious treatment procedure. For those who are suffering from aches, these spas use extracts of the gandhakolhi leaf, which is a natural pain reliever. Traditional sand massage is also offered in these spas, which is said to cure internal pains of joints and muscles.

If you are seeking tranquillity along with a holistic healing experience, then Maldives is the right holiday destination for you. There are numerous portals online, which offer travel solutions for International holiday destinations. You can pick a suitable Maldives tour package from any of these trusted sites. Visit this incredible archipelago nation and treat yourself with the goodness of nature.


Europe Tours- A Guide to the Scottish History

Scotland, the land of majestic castles and captivating coastline, is one of the epicentres of tourism in the United Kingdom. Old folklores about historical battles lend a quaint charm to this country. Whether you talk of the Scottish literature and art forms or its classical music played by traditional bands on bagpipers, this country boasts of a rich culture. The history of this country is rich and royal, which speaks of the splendour of its reigning monarchies. From old churches and historic ships to legendary ruins and palatial buildings, this place exhibits the grandeur that existed in its past. Apart from historical monuments, Scotland has many old castles that make it a place of interest for tourists from all across the globe. If you wish to experience the grand feeling of walking through the alleys and halls of these castles, then go for the Europe tours packages available online.

Edinburgh Castle: Magnificence of a Bygone Era


Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Situated in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Edinburgh Castle is a majestic structure that stands atop a giant volcanic rock. The origin of this large fortress dates back to an ancient era, when it was inhabited by natives and gradually developed into a large castle over a period of time. Several Scottish rulers made this castle their residence. Later, this fort became the centre of army activities that still continue in some of its portions. At present, this fort has a national war museum and memorial apart from its old chambers.

If you want to explore the rich history of this nation, then plan a trip to Europe. You would find a majority of travel portals offering attractive Europe packages. Go for one such package deal to discover the glorious life and times of the Scottish royal era.

Avail a Mauritius Package for a Fabulous Beach Holiday

Mauritius, an archipelago nation amidst sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean, is a luxurious tourist haven. The beautiful white sand beaches of this country comprise coral reefs and unusual cliffs, which make it a delight for nature-lovers. Large lakes and extinct volcanic depressions form a unique landscape that beautifully blends with the serenity of its beaches. As this island country is inhabited by people of different races and religions, its tradition is an eccentric mix of cultures. Owing to invasions by various colonial forces such as French and British, this country has their influences in its lifestyle. Stories of different foreign rules and the long freedom struggle can be heard from natives and can also be seen in its heritage spots. You can explore the natural beauty and history of this country by availing a Mauritius package that can easily be availed from any leading travel portal.

Le Morne: The Hideout of Slaves

Le Morne, Mauritius
Le Morne, Mauritius

Le Morne is a small mountain located towards the southwestern region of Mauritius. This picturesque spot consists of lush greenery and hidden cliffs ashore the vast ocean. It is not only the scenic beauty of this place that attracts tourists, but its interesting history that dates back to the 18th and 19th century. This isolated place served as a hideout place for slaves who escaped from Africa, India, Madagascar and southeast of Asia. The slaves hid themselves in the deep formations of this mountain, which were difficult to trace. This place is considered as a landmark spot that symbolises the long and hard struggle, which led to the abolition of slavery. Owing to its historical significance, Le Morne was recognised by UNESCO as one of its world heritage sites.

Being a place of unadulterated natural beauty and mixed cultures, Mauritius holds an esteemed spot in the list of most-preferred holiday destinations across the globe. If you want to experience a wonderful vacation in this paradisiacal place, then look for a full-fledged Mauritius holiday package online. Visit this amazing tourist destination with your family and come back with memories worth cherishing.

Experience the Sanctity of the Taman Ayun Temple with Bali Packages

Bali, a tourist hotspot in Indonesia, is a beautiful archipelago made of many small islands. This province is a haven for nature-loving tourists and stands as one of the best and most pristine island destinations in the world. A mesmerising coastline with sparkling waters and sandy beaches makes this place a paradise for tourists. The mass rice cultivation in the form of lush green terrace farming has been declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site, which is a great achievement for the region. The mountains set against a clear blue skyline provide a stunning sight of nature, which is simply mesmerising. From lavish festivities to art and craft, the effect of old traditions can be traced in every aspect of this place. This province has a number of religious shrines, which attract pilgrims as well as travellers from across the globe. The best way to visit this place and see these temples is to avail one of the Bali packages that can be availed online.

Taman Ayun Temple

An example of the architectural grandeur of Bali, the Taman Ayun Temple is a religious spot known for its glory. This pagoda-style temple was built in 1634 under the patronage of the king of Mengwi. Meru, an ancient style of Balinese architecture has been used in the structure and design of this temple. The large proportional courtyards with ancient royal and Meru shrines attract people because of their splendid sculptures. A huge religious gathering takes place on the anniversary of this temple, which is celebrated in a gap of 210 days and attended by numerous natives of the area.


Bali is a heavenly place that speaks of the grace of gods and peaceful harmony with nature. There are many websites and travel portals on the Internet, which offer attractive Bali tour packages. These tour deals would enable you to complete the dream of travelling to this ethereal place. Take a trip to this endearing archipelago for a memorable vacation.

Maldives Packages: The Best Way for a Wonderful Beach Holiday

Maldives, an archipelago on the Indian Ocean, is a popular tourist destination for those who want to experience a fun-filled holiday on pristine beaches. A combination of around 1,190 small islands, this country is a delightful haven for nature lovers. The beauty of this place lies in its crystal-clear waters that sparkle when touched by shining rays of the sun. Rich coral reefs and tall palm trees make the landscape of this island picture-perfect. Beaches stretched across vast distances and carpeted with white sand lend a tranquil beauty to this place. As Maldives was frequently flocked by different traders since ancient times, it has influences of several traditions, which gives it a diverse culture. The history of this country can be explored by visiting the National Museum, which is situated in its capital, Malé. If you wish to visit this island nation, then look for attractive Maldives packages online.

History Preserved in the National Museum

The National Museum of the country is a part of the Royal Palace premise, which is situated in Malé. Being located in the Sultan Park, this museum is surrounded by lush greenery. Built to promote patriotism amongst its nationals, this museum speaks of the cultural diversity of this country. This museum was opened in 1952 for the general public and has been a major tourist attraction of the country since then. A fabulous collection of artefacts of the bygone era is on display in this museum. These historical items include royal thrones, traditional attires, coins and armaments of old dynasties.

Although small in size, Maldives has a large impact on the world tourism. One of the most preferred holiday destinations of international tourists, this island country is on the priority list of travel companies. There are many travel portals on the Internet, which offer deals for travelling to this place. A Maldives package usually comes with basic facilities like accommodation, travelling, tour guides, etc. Choose the best deal from a variety of options and plan a fabulous trip to this archipelago nation.

Avail Thailand Packages for a Trip of a Lifetime

A small country in the southeast of Asia with a large impact on international tourism, Thailand is a place worth visiting. This nation is abundant in exotic flora and fauna, which make it a delightful haven for nature lovers. Beautiful beaches and immaculate islands paint a stunning picture of marine scenery in this country. Tourists have several options in term of activities to do in Thailand, which range from rejuvenating Thai massages to adventurous water sports. This country is dominated by the Buddhist culture, with influences on its architecture, dining and even sports. This country comprises numerous cities and towns, each having its own speciality. One such place is Pattaya, which is a renowned beach destination. There are various Thailand packages available on the Internet, from which you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Pattaya: The Beach Delight

Pattaya, the most famous beach destination of this country, is known for its contrasting character that comes with innumerable surprises for tourists. This site has fabulous beaches that boast of picturesque beauty and offer many fun activities. Underwater World, a huge undersea aquarium, gives tourists the golden opportunity to closely observe marine wildlife. While being in this small town, you must plan an excursion to the Khao Phra Tam Nak, which is a tiny hillock towards the south and houses a holy shrine and historical monument. For a spiritual experience, you should include the Sanctuary of Truth and Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan Temple in your itinerary. In addition to all these, you can relish the sumptuous Thai cuisine and other seafood delicacies in any local restaurant or tiny eatery.

Being a wonderful tourist destination, this place is a favourite of holidaymakers. If you are looking forward to a vacation in this country, then search the Internet for Thailand tour packages. Avail an offer from the multitude of choices and set upon an unforgettable journey to the land of smiles – Thailand.

Avail Singapore Packages for a Trip to the Food Paradise

The grandeur of Singapore sets it as a major tourist hub in the world. This archipelago is known for its booming urban life that is abundant in affluence. An eccentric mix of cultures and traditions makes this small nation a place of interest for tourists. On one hand, you find art galleries and museums whereas on the other hand, there is the dazzling night-life scene. What adds to the vibrancy of the place is its food-culture, which is absolutely rich and diverse. If you are interested in a trip, then you can get a Singapore tour package deal available on leading travel websites.

Food and Lots of it

Singapore boasts of a diverse cuisine that is rich in flavours and variety. The four main cuisines that are popular in the country are Malay, Chinese, Indian and Peranakan. Restaurants and roadside eating outlets in the country provide delicious meals that tickle the taste buds with their mouth-watering flavours. Apart from its speciality restaurants, this island country also has its own delicacies that prove its excellence in culinary science. The Ice Kachang made of jelly beans, ice, condensed milk and other ingredients is a loved dessert that can be found on various street stalls. Another popular delicacy that must be tried while strolling on streets is the Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is popular as the national dish of the country. Speaking of national food, you must savour the Singapore Sling, a cocktail that is honoured as the national drink of this country. Some other signature dishes of this place are Satay, Rojak, Tea Tarik and Nasi Lemak, which can be relished at top-class restaurants and open eateries.

There are many online portals that offer attractive Singapore packages, which are likely to offer dining services, as well. Avail any of these packages from a trusted portal to plan a wonderful trip to this country, which is famous for its tasteful surprises.